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How To Maxamize Your Productivity By Customizing Your Work Area

Updated on March 29, 2010

If you are anything like me, you work better in an organized, tranquil setting. Most of us tend to put little thought into how our surroundings affect our productivity. When I put my work area together, I went the thrifty route. I bought my computer desk at a consignment store, like-wise my chair. The chair was a very good one and I did get a deal on the price.

However, when setting up the space where you will spend the better part of your waking hours, it pays not to be too thrifty. Your desk should be as large as your space will allow and your chair must be comfortable and give good support to your back.

Everything else is a matter of preference. The atmosphere in which we work must offer a space where we are in control of our surroundings and one that lends itself to maximizing productivity. .

Cut Down The Clutter

Your space must be pleasing to the eye but low on distraction. The biggest waste of time in one's workspace is clutter. If you have papers scattered about, a few days of take out containers lying around and nothing has a designated home, it's a good bet you have a hard time finding thing when you need them.

It is essential to be ruthless when removing clutter from your space. This will have to be done on a regular basis, since clutter has a life of it's own and will appear from out of nowhere. Everything in your work area should have a home and "should" be returned there when you finish using it. This of course is a tall order but do the best you can. Any effort is an improvement and you will realize how much easier your day goes when you are not constantly searching for something.

Analyze Your Workspace

It is to your benefit to pay attention to your physical space. Ask yourself,

Is the space pleasing to the eye?

Aesthetics play a part in everything in life. If the atmosphere in your workspace is suited to your work style, your productivity will be enhanced.

Is the distraction from noise and interruption minimal?

Do you have frequent interruptions? Do others respect your work time? Do you play a radio or TV in or near your area when working? These things can take your mind off the task at hand and cut down on the amount of work you can accomplish.

An area that is away from others in the house, preferably where you can close the door, help keep distraction to a minimum. It is best to turn off radios or TV, they tend to draw your attention away from your work and make it difficult to concentrate.

You may want to consider

Color: the color of your space can do much to set the overall mood. Warm colors, yellow, red,and orange, create excitement and may not be conducive to a work environment. Cool colors, blues and greens are calming and add tranquility to the room. The use of Earthtones browns, tan, gray,rust, creates a feeling of hominess and comfort. You may be stuck with white but can add accent colors to create balance and interest, just don't over do it.

Light: Is your area well lit and do you have a good light set up for your keyboard. This is a question of balance. One should have adequate light without glaring and enough light so that you don't have to strain your eyes. I personally find too much light distrubing. This again is a personal preference issue that must be decided according to your needs and comfort level.

Room Temperature: Find your comfort level, not too warm, warmth will tend to make you drowsy, and not too cool but cool enough to keep you alert.

Air Quality: You may wish to investigate air cleaners. The Hepa-filter type is best. They can be a bit costly but is well worth the investment. The quality of the air we breathe on a daily basis, is crucial to our brain function. Most apartments, homes and commercial spaces have very poor quality of air. There are any number of sources of air pollution, paint, carpet,cleaning chemicals, pest extermination chemicals, etc; We breathe these chemicals on a daily basis and they can effect how well we think and how we feel.

Plants add beauty to a room as well as filter the air and give off oxygen. You might want to consider a plant or two just be aware of the amount of care the plant you choose requires. Big leafy plants are the best and most attractive in your work area..

 With these elements in mind you should be on your way to the next Pulitizer prize. Good fortune and happy writing


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    • profile image

      slock62 7 years ago

      Thanks for your interest in my hub and I hope you find your space more welcoming and your creativity increases thur use of some of these simole suggestions. Happy writing

    • catalystsnstars profile image

      catalystsnstars 7 years ago from Land of Nod

      Really makes me reconsider this uncomfortable chair and the stark white background of my work area.

    • profile image

      slock62 7 years ago

      Thanks for your comment. My first. This site is great fun for me and I hope I can add some interest to the mix. Thanks again

    • JerseyGirl profile image

      JerseyGirl 7 years ago from Jersey Shore

      Great comments to consider; thank you!