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Maximising online earnings using video footage

Updated on January 31, 2012

If there is a basic rule of making money online it is “the more views you get the more money you will make”. It doesn’t matter whether you write articles for revenue sharing websites, write lenses for revenue sharing websites, post photographs to stock photography websites, host your own niche site, host a variety of blogs or use affiliate marketing, if your content doesn’t get any views you aren’t going to make a penny. Traffic is key, and we have to do everything we possibly can to drive traffic to our content, which in turn will lead to an increase in sales, an increase in commission, an increase in clicks and an increase in revenue share. What we really want is our online content to go viral.

When online content generates a lot of interest and receives a high volume of traffic in a short space of time the content is said to have gone viral, and this is what we must strive to achieve. We must try and make every single piece of content we post go viral, and by doing this we will maximise our online earnings.

There are millions of websites, videos, articles, photographs and other online content out there so how do we go about making out content stand out and be good enough to go viral? A lot of it is down to luck, although there are things you can to increase the chances of your online content going viral.

First off you need to ensure the content is of high quality. People want quality and will not settle for second best so you need to ensure every piece of content is the best it can possibly be.

Your content must be original, unique and have mass appeal. If your content is too niche and is something to do with something too specialised it will not appeal to the masses and will never go viral.

Your content must spark emotion. If your content makes you laugh out loud, cringe with pain or startles you so much you jump out of your skin, you may have some content that may go viral. If your content doesn’t evoke any emotion it is highly unlikely to ever go viral.

Many people like using youtube and uploading video footage and it is easy to see why. Recording a short video clip requires little effort, very little time and little skill, yet video content can end up being a huge earner so you want to know how to create viral youtube video clips to make some decent cash online.

So, to really make the most money online you should strive to make your content go viral, although don’t be too disheartened if it doesn’t. You have to remember there is a lot of competition out there so making your content stand out is going to be difficult.


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