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Me being a procrastinator

Updated on November 24, 2012

Are you one of these?

Well I am not sure about all you folks out there.

Do you procrastinate alot or a little?

I know that I do it and it has cost me money, how much I will never know.

Procrastination has many faces and we see it everyday as we go about our business. Whether at the coffee shop, shopping, at work, plus working at home.

Some of the faces are:

  1. Not being focused.
  2. Doing many things, that you think need doing that are not related, examples are surfing the internet, filing last week work in files, watching Dr.Phil, etc.
  3. Not having a TO DO list, and if you have one, you do not fellow it.
  4. There are so many more faces here that the list could go on for a long time.

Starting now, I will be making a list for

  1. To do and time frames on it for each project. Start and finish dates/times(appointments).
  2. Find out the correct information that we all need to know. Example many regulations have changed in the four areas that I work in. Found some of these out over the last three weeks, as the wife and are in rentals of apartments. Even our property manager did not realize that these changes had happened.

Need to work on my 4 sites and domains that I have set up already to go, They are just sitting there ready with a few little touch ups to do, and live they become.

That is all for this evening, will be back during the week to say hello again.

Part 2 Being a procrastinor.

Hello Again;

Have you observed yourself and to see if you are procrastinating lately?

Hope so.

  1. Have you seen or observed a person that may be doing it?
  2. At work or at home make a list, then turn around and not use it?
  3. There are so many ways that it affect us all and we do not really see it.

A perfect example that we have seen just recently is a job we had done with in our building. This job was total repair of one room. It has taken over three and half months to do. The contractor was doing his part, except that the building manager would not respond properly to his calls and or kept changing her or his mind.

The manager was not sure of want was going on, kept putting this off, thinking other things where more important. eg like changing a door handle.

The way I see it you need to plan your self and get the help you need to stop procrastinating.

Thank you


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