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Mechanical Engineer: Responsibilities, Skills and Abilities

Updated on April 29, 2014

Responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer

Apart from the knowledge imparted during your college days you need certain set of soft skills or to say life skills to succeed at the job you are doing. Being skilled will also allow you to grow rapidly in your career and will also help you be a better individual at a personal level.

Here in this article, I have jotted down few the responsibilities, skills, and abilities which are expected from you as a mechanical engineer.

The Responsibilities that you will be taking as a mechanical engineer are mentioned below, however they may vary depending upon your job role and the organisation you are working for.

So here they are

1. Research and Analysis of design proposals, manuals, specification and other data to evaluate the feasibility, maintenance, cost for design and application.

2. Coordinate with other engineers and personnel for various approvals, procedures

3. Interpreting drawing sheets, schema and computer generated reports.

4. Research, design, evaluate, install and operate mechanical products, systems to meet requirements by applying concepts of engineering.

5. Investigate failures and diagnose faulty operations and direct the maintenance staff to carry out the repairs under your supervision.

6. Evaluating the adherence to the concepts of engineering, compliance and the design of a product.

7. Testing the finished product and analyze the feasibility, design and performance of the product as per the specifications.

8. Supervise installation, operation, maintenance, and repairs to ensure the functioning of the equipment in accordance to the specifications.

9. Estimate costs and submit bids for new projects.

10. Maintaining the inventory of all the equipment, spares or machinery.

11. Assisting drafters in designing the products, using drafting tools or computer aided designing.

12. Providing solutions and feedback to engineers.

13. Monitoring all aspects of productions.

14. Testing the developed product and suggesting the necessary changes or modification.

15. Generating reports for various production activities.

16. Improvise on existing techniques or technologies.

17. Coordinating the maintenance and safety procedures, services schedules and supply of materials required to maintain machines and equipment.

18. Redesigning equipment and rectifying errors.

19. Designing test control systems and equipment and devise testing procedures.

20. Forwarding the product developments and requirements for a particular project.

So these are the primary job responsibilities which you would be taking over as a mechanical engineer. With the passage of time, the responsibilities involved with your role might increase, which will enable to face bigger challenges on your job.

Skills of a Mechanical Engineer

1. Mathematics: Mechanical Engineers are ought to be comfortable in solving complex problems on a daily basis.

2. Critical Problem Solving: Analyzing complex issues and providing solutions for critical problems.

3. Critical Thinking: Using logic and reasoning to develop alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.

4. Science: Basic principles, rules and methods of science should be on your tips.

5. Speaking: Flawless interpersonal skills and speaking clearly and transferring information correctly.

6. Time management: Ability to manage time and delivering projects on time.

7. Active Listening: Not interrupting at inappropriate times, asking questions as required, and understanding the points being made.

8. Comprehensions: understanding reports, job descriptions and comprehending them will be a part of your daily job.

9. Decision making: At times as a mechanical engineer you will have to think on your toes.

10. Active learning: You as a mechanical engineer will have to keep your skill set updates, adapting to new technology and techniques will be an added advantage.


1. Problem Solving: The ability involves identifying the problem, solution comes in later stages. The ability to identify a problem is highly required from you as a mechanical engineer.

2. Inductive Reasoning: To combine pieces of information and draw a conclusion.

3. Information Ordering: The ability to arrange tasks, actions, or organizing in accordance to a specific set of rules.

4. Visualization: The ability to imagine or visualize how a machine will look, or an equipment will look.

5.Flexibility of Closure: The ability detect a known pattern hidden in other distracting materials.

6. Selective Attention: The ability to concentrate on a task without being distracted over a period of time.

7. Flexibility: The ability to generate or use different sets of rules.

8. Number Facility: The ability to carry basic mathematical operations quickly and correctly.

9. Fluency of Ideas: The ability to come up with ideas about a top.

10. Perceptual Speed: The ability to accurately and quickly compare differences among sets of letters, numbers, objects, pictures and patterns.

Path to Find the Right Job

So with all the above mentioned skills and abilities you can make it big as a mechanical engineer. However finding mechanical engineering jobs is not a daunting task. Mechanical Engineering being an evergreen career, generally jobs are easily available for those with experience in the industry. As of freshers are concerned, finding jobs could be a mammoth task as companies generally want candidates with experience and a certain skill set. So if you are a fresher looking for a job you need to be patient and persistent with your job hunt. Applying for multiple job openings on various job boards will maximise your chances of finding a suitable job and make a significant growth in your career.


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