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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions & Answers

Updated on March 9, 2014

Quality Engineering Interview questions

Q. What instrument is used to measure the height of the product?

Ans. Height gauge is used to measure the height manually.

Q. What instrument is preferred to measure the internal diameter of a cylindrical pipe?

Ans. Vernier Caliper is used to measure the internal diameter of the hollow pipe.

Q. What is the difference between digital micrometer and ordinary micrometer?

Ans. Digital micrometer differ then the ordinary micrometer in the sense of accuracy. The accuracy of digital micrometer is 1 micron while the accuracy of ordinary micrometer is 10 micron.

Q. What is the tolerance of the digital micrometer?

Ans. 0.001

Q. What machine is used to measure the exact coordinate of the finished job up to 5 dimensional accuracy?

Ans. Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Q. What is the necessary process to be done before changing the probe of CMM.

Ans. This process is known as the calibration of the probe. It is done with the help of Master Probe.

Q. What is the basic unit of measurement used in almost all the manufacturing measurement process?

Ans. MM or millimeter

Automobile Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

Q.1 Why exhaust pipe of an automobile is located behind the rear wheel? Can arrangements be made for it to be in the front portion of the automobile.What will be the problem then?

Ans. 1 A better technical application might be that if the exhaust pipe is placed in front then as the car moves forward, there is obstruction in the flow of exhaust gases and due to the back pressure the smoke flows back to the engine chamber, which would affect the mixture strength of the fuel making the air fuel lean mixture, as a result decreasing the performance of the engine.

2 If locate in front many affects are there smoke affect the inlet air,affect the locate in back it based on newton 3rd also.and prevent the many get many advantage

3 The silencer show be a lengthy one. If you place in front then there wont be any thermodynamically effect to the engine but there are commercial effects like your bike color will become fade by the carbon content, your respiration will effected and your bike style will look odd.

Q.2 When i take first gear in a bike firstly apply clutch why? And when speed of bike in running position you can't apply clutch why?

Ans. Because the clutch plate must be free from flywheel and power transmission stop so to use gear or changing of gear should be at this position and on running power transmission continuous, so never take clutch without down the accelerator.

Q.3 . What causes white smoke in two stroke locomotive engines?

Ans. That is the engine running too lean (lack of fuel). This condition will lead to overheating and failure of the engine.

Q.4 How does iron ore turn into steel?

Ans To make Steel, Iron Ore is refined into iron and all the carbon is burned away using very high heat (Bessemer). A percentage of Carbon (and other trace elements) are added back to make steel.

Q.5 When Clutch Pedal is pressed the engine rpm is ?




Ans. Constant

Thermodynamics Interview Questions And Answers

Q. 1 What material is mostly preferred in the designation of vane in water turbine?

Ans. Aluminium nickel its n alloy.

Q.2 What happens if foundry sand contains 1) excessive clay 2) excessive moisture?

Ans. If excessive clay than cavity get damaged before the process due to dry less of clay and irregular in shape due to more water content because to set the cavity it takes more time.

Q.3 What is the Carbon percentage in Diamond?

Ans. 98% of pure carbon of fine structure. (.5 -1.5).

Q.4 What is the meaning of cyclic process in thermodynamics.explain with example?

Ans. In a cyclic process, the system starts in a particular state and returns to that state after undergoing a few different processes is called cyclic process.

Q.5 Can the( energy change) of a system during a process be negative ? why ?

Ans. Yes, It is possible. In some process system produce energy while in others it receive energy.

Q.6 What is the principal of optical instruments ?

Ans. Optical instructor can be use to align two machine parts for example tool in the tool post... its can b used as an alignment tool.

Q.7 What is the difference between enthalpy and entropy?

Ans. Enthalpy: Total heat content of the body.ENTROPY:Degree of randomness and disorder of molecules.

Q. 8 A manometer is used to measure
A.low pressure
B.moderate pressure
C.high pressure
D.atmospheric pressure
Ans (C) High Pressure

Q. 9 A cycle consisting of one constant pressure, one constant volume and two isentropic processes is known as
A.Carnot cycle
B.Stirling cycle
C.Otto cycle
D.Diesel cycle
Ans. (D) Diesel cycle

What is The Struggling Period Ffor a Fresher Mechanical Engineer?

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Mechanical Engineering Job Interview Questionns

Q.1. What is anisotropy ?

Ans: The phenomenon of different properties in different directions is called anisotropy .

Q.2 What is is entropic exponent ?

Ans: It is the ratio of the specific heat of a gas at constant pressure to the specific heat at constant volume.

Q.3 The intensity of stress which causes unit strain is called
1. unit stress
2. bulk modulus
3. modulus of rigidity
4. modulus of elasticity
5. principal stress.

Ans. Modulus of elasticity.

Q.4 The unique property of cast iron is its high
(a) malleability
(b) ductility
(c) surface finish
(d) damping characteristics
(e) hardness.

Ans. (d) damping characteristics

Q. 5 Density is
1. Physical property
2. Chemical property
3. Extensive property
4 Intensive property

Ans 4 Intensive property

6 Horse power equal to ______ ???
1. 546 w
2. 676 w
3. 746 w
4. 776 w

Ans. 746 W

Q.7 3.)What is saybolt seconds universal ?

Saybolt Seconds Universal (SSU) is the unit of viscosity and is equal to the time required for a gravity flow of 60 cc through saybolt universal viscometer.


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