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Memory – The Most Essential Quality for a Bartender

Updated on September 15, 2015

Many people get attracted to the job of bartending because it is actually a quite lucrative job. But they should remember that this is not a job for everyone. If you want to become a bartender, you should be ready to work at odd hours, complete many different duties simultaneously, so should have a good balance of mind and body, and also should be able to handle intoxicated customers who at time behave extremely rudely. Of course, when you take bartender training, you are trained for all these things.

Memory – An Important Quality for Bartenders

If you head on to research by interviewing bartenders about the skill required the most to become a bartender, you will get a variety of answers, like speed, good personality, mixology skills and so on. Actually, there are indeed many skills required to become a great bar manager like helpfulness, friendliness, reliability and honesty. But these are the skills required for any professional. What is the special skill required for a bartender? The answer is “memory”.

As an aspiring bartender, you should have an extremely sharp memory as your basic skill. We’ll see here why it is so and how to improve your memory.

An exceptional memory will not only help you do your job more efficiently as a bartender, but it will also add to your tips. If you remember a person’s name and her/his favorite drink, that person feels important and may tip better. Of course, you should not do so only with the intention of tips. But all in all, remembering your regular customers’ names and favorite drinks and previous conversations with them, gains you many good friends which make you happy as a person. Of course, this adds to your income too.

Two Types of Memories

Memory is of two types – one intelligent memory where people’s names, cocktail recipes and beer brands etc can be embedded, while the other is short term memory like someone gives you a large order, you store the whole order in this memory for a short time, till you take the next order.

Improving Memory

  • Memory is a work of brain and if your brain is in good shape, your memory and sharpness will improve. The best way to do this is always keep your brain fresh by exposing it to new experiences and new ideas. Just like muscles’, your brain too have some work to stay healthy. Read a lot, talk to different people on a variety of subjects which should include uncommon ones too, keep in touch with current affairs, solve puzzles like crosswords or Sudoku, and do everything which will make your brain active and fresh.
  • Don’t forget to sleep! If you want your brain to be fresh, you should give it ample rest.
  • If you are finding it difficult to remember certain things, for example, persons’ names, drinks’ names or recipes, etc, try connecting them with something you can easily remember. E.g. if you have a friend called Steven and your client too is named Steven, you can remember your client’s name by connecting his name to your friend. Give some time to make the brain identify the connection; that way, you can remember your client’s name when he comes in your bar next time.
  • Make a habit of repeating things you learn. Once you take an order of a customer or server, repeat it to the customer or server. This ensures that it is correct and also you can store it safely in your short term memory.

Looking at this video, you'll realize why you need a good memory!

Take Vitamin B Supplement

If still you can’t improve your memory, you can take vitamin B supplement. This vitamin has been proved to be essential for neuron development and functioning. And if you can take natural foods containing vitamin B, it’s better than taking supplement. Foods rich in vitamin B are poultry (chicken or turkey), pork, fish, eggs, whole cereals, soy beans, vegetables and many more.

Improving memory will help you memorize whatever you study. Thus it will help you remembering various names of drinks and further when you will be appointed as a bartender, remembering everything or at least most of the things about your clients. This will make you a successful bartender.

Of course, other skills are required for good bartending, like these!


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