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Increasing Customers through Social Media Marketing & Email Convergence

Updated on September 15, 2009

Social media and email campaigns have both seen substantial growth over recent years. Although we may consider these two marketing routes as being separate streams along the same valley, they often maximize their individual effectiveness when merged into a single campaign.

Social media itself offers customers a chance to relate to you in an informal manner that builds trust and, with time brand association. This is all well and good and can be extremely beneficial to a business but it's when we see how linking this form of networking with your current (or new) email campaign thinking that the impact gets more interesting.

Placing social media links onto your company's email headers, footers and signatures directing them to interact with you is perhaps the easiest way to initiate this two-way flow. Website build ins and additional email links means that your communications grow to serve a dual purpose. They are now able to deliver both the original message as intended, whilst simultaneously building support for your company’s online community. And this is not the only way to merge e-mail and social media; the road goes both ways. Traffic can also be sent the opposite way by enticing people from social media sites to join your e-mail list. If your company puts out regular e-mails, such as a monthly or quarterly newsletter, you can use this content as a location to guide potentially interested customers through the learning process, gaining their trust and transitioning them into customers.

Give customers a flavor of your social media style in your emails, incorporating sections of your articles, blogs and tweets, followed by links to enable them to connect and become fans/follwers.  The important thing is to keep your content original and engaging - don’t allow yourself to become too competitive or predictive or you may lose your transitional momentum.  Remember that your existing customers already know about, and have an interest in, your brand, so build on this to create exciting and enticing content that will result in both social media and email list growth. 

With this in mind remember that the process works both ways.  Encourage people who follow you on social media sites to sign up to your email newsletters and monitor the increase in interest in your brand as a result.  Do this regularly and, over time, your list and orders will undoubtedly grow.

Integration of the social media experience into an e-mail campaign can be a crucial part of a successful online marketing campaign, providing you maintain your commitment and attention to the goals they are meant to achieve.

The most important fundamental of all is that of conversation, the formula and success story of all social media to date. Never before has listening and responding to customers been so vital to the way a marketing and brand messaging campaign is executed on a daily basis.  It is it's life blood and ultimately the key to your future revenue growth.


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    • profile image

      Dr Keith Michaels 

      8 years ago

      Great words! One of the best social media articles I've read in a very long time. I am currently reading your book and greatly admire your style Sarah-Jayne.

    • profile image

      Paul March 

      8 years ago

      Great hub - thoroughly enjoyed reading it, which is unusual for a technology article.


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