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Microsoft Closes Down Windows Live Spaces, Leaving Site Administrators High and Dry

Updated on November 3, 2010


Microsoft has gone and done it again. Windows Live Spaces is being closed down, and following MS tradition, they have made this move with absolutely no regard for how it might affect their customers. Spaces administrators were not notified by email of the upcoming closure, and are now left with the choice to move the Spaces forum to Wordpress, or lose all content. For a short time, there was an option available to save the data from your Spaces site to your computer, to be migrated later, but now, even that option has disappeared. The sites themselves, are gone, so you can’t even go in and copy and paste what you want to salvage.

My Spaces site had a lot of stuff that my son, who is no longer among the living, had posted, and this was the only place where they were posted. These are posts that can never be replaced. Although my site had been inactive for quite awhile, I had kept it up because of that. Now it is all just gone, with no way to retrieve it. Although I didn’t really want to migrate the site, because it was pretty much inactive, I would have liked to have saved the data contained there to my computer, but I didn’t find out about the closure in time to do this. I didn’t learn about the closure from Microsoft, but from a source on Amplify. This is not the first incident where Microsoft has determined that their mega-corporation was too big to have to worry about us little old customers, especially the ones that utilize the free sites. Earlier this year, I had my email hijacked and their “customer support” put me through three weeks of frustration, trying to regain access to my email and all of the accounts attached to it. You can read that story here: Is Customer Service a Myth in the Internet Age?

In that instance, Microsoft showed a lack of concern for their customers by outsourcing their Customer Support Forum to a third party company that provides their moderators with minimal training for scanning posts for keywords and then selecting scripted responses to cut and paste as responses, that often do not really apply or just plain don’t work. In the case of Live Spaces, Microsoft demonstrated their lack of concern for their customers by closing a site without notice to the site’s users. Has Microsoft gotten so big that they don’t think they need to keep their customers happy? It appears this may be the case, as they repeatedly demonstrate a lack of concern for customer satisfaction through poor customer service and a lack of common courtesy, the closure of Windows Live Spaces being the most recent.


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    • profile image

      StephenZen 7 years ago

      I've never been impressed with Microsuck. Never. Yet, they think they are all that and a bag of chips. Their lack of support and customer loyalty really has me upset. Their idea of improvements are a joke.

      Just more useless features that no one wants or is interested in. I'm sorry that you lost on your old posts from your son. I personally recommend that you don't depend on Microsuck for anything.