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Microsoft Office Training Courseware

Updated on April 8, 2012

When you are, searching for the perfect training packages to teach your students the intracticies of Microsoft office you have a ton of different options at your disposal. Choosing the perfect training material for classroom is a tough decision and there are many things to take into consideration. Let’s take a look at some things you would want to consider before purchasing material for your class.

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1. Cost:

Running a training program for any type of program can be expensive. The ultimate goal is to provide all essential training including materials for a reasonable cost. If, at all possible always try to get a sample of the materials before you purchase them. You could end up getting pretty low quality materials. Many vendors offer discounts for large bulk orders so see if your vendor has them.

2. Quality:

Always try to get a sample of the product you are purchasing. If, that is not possible always check to see the quality of writing, covered training, and originality. If, you are using the training material make sure the person you are buying from is the original writer of the material.

3. Specialists in Microsoft Training:

Check the credentials of the company you are purchasing the training material from. Is the company Microsoft certified? Are actual Microsoft trainers writing the book? Are the specialists well educated in writing training material? The more questions you ask the better quality of the material is that you will receive.

4. Course Mechanics

The course mechanics of any computer training should include writing, visual, audio, and necessary hands on exercises. Make sure there are plenty of screen shots included with the training material. The new interfaces for Microsoft office are extraordinarily complex, and screen shots are a necessity. Make sure it meets your strict criteria to provide an enjoyable learning experience in your classroom.

Finding the right course material can be a little overwhelming with so many different companies offering it. Yet, you should be able to narrow down your list of companies with just the above basic guidelines. As an IT trainer, nothing is worse than having incomplete coursework for your students. So, provide the best that you can do a little home work and find the most reputable company.


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