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Microsoft Project Certification

Updated on July 27, 2016

Microsoft Project is a popular project management software by Microsoft. It assists project managers in various project management tasks like planning, task assignment, tracking, budget management and task management. Some of the main modules of MS Project are project work and project teams, finances, and schedules. The software allows Project managers to be more realistic when setting goals for teams as they get to create schedules, distribute resources and manage budgets. Users can share resource definitions (people or equipment) between projects through a shared resource pool. They can have a unique calendar for each resource which specifies the time duration in which a resource will be available. Users can assign multiple tasks to a single resource in different plans. It schedules tasks according to resource availability as found in the resource calendars. MS Project also creates budgets according to resouce rates and tasks assigned. Microsoft Project has two other extensions, Microsoft Project Web Access and Microsoft Office Project Server. Project Server uses a central database to store project data while Web Access allows users to put data over the internet. There are different access levels for different classes of users.

MS Project has numerous advantages that make it better than other project management solution. It is a very mature project management solution. Project Managers can develop any chart they can think of with this tool. Since it is a Microsoft tool, it offers easy integration with other popular Microsoft products like MS Excel, MS Word and MS Outlook.

Many industries use MS Project like manufacturing, retail, government, financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and construction.

Microsoft project certification holds great value for and employee in the modern age. With more businesses making the transition into the digital world, companies would certainly require employees to have a profound knowledge in MS Project. Microsoft is a reputed service provider, and businesses usually prefer Microsoft suites for their projects. Having a Microsoft Project certification will put you in an advantageous position as companies will not have to make separate investments in training the employee.

CCube offers Microsoft Project Certification to professionals and project managers. This certification tests professionals on their ability to resolve complications in planning and scheduling projects, scope, cost inaccurate time estimates, availability of resources and identifying critical path for delivering the project on time and under budget.


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