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Microsoft Project Training

Updated on January 4, 2010

Microsoft Project Training : Why should you switch from Excel to Project

Microsoft Excel is a common starting point for managers to list their ideas and tasks for a project. But the coordination of the team and the assignment of responsibilities for tasks is where they lose efficiency. Those who attend Microsoft Project Training see the benefits of switching to Microsoft Project which is a purpose built software for task planning, resource allocation and project tracking.

The major benefits of switching over from Excel to Microsoft Project are:-

It helps you win jobs

If you submit a tender response that contains a glossy brochure about your company and your people, and back this up with a professional Gantt Chart program, your ability to plan and manage in the eyes of a tender evaluation panel will be greater than a competing program that consists of an Excel spreadsheet with blocked-out colored cells.

It helps you be organised.

Have you had a job that’s taken longer to complete than expected? Or, has a tradesman ever turned up before you are ready for them? This is a classic failure of a scheduling system that uses Microsoft Excel. However, in Microsoft Project, the impact on the following tasks after a delay can be immediately determined.

It helps you get results.

By correctly updating your progress in Microsoft Project, the impact on the remaining tasks is immediately obvious supplying you with a new start and finish date for the remaining tasks and a new project finish date. This immediately shows you if your program will result in your finish date going beyond your contract finish date and allows you to identify “the size of the problem”. This clarity allows you then to analyse your program to find a solution. With Excel, there are no predecessor relationships between tasks and therefore any issues on site and their impact on your program and end date are not immediately obvious.

Microsoft Project is purpose built for planning and managing projects whereas Excel is purpose built for managing data. The best kind of Microsoft Project Training is from professional project managers who have real life experiences with the software and can provide their best practice methods of using Microsoft Project effectively.

Microsoft Project Training can help you win tenders, better organize your resources and give you more control over your Projects.

Project Plan outline
Project Plan outline
Gantt Chart
Gantt Chart
Resources work schedule
Resources work schedule
Microsoft Project Training Class
Microsoft Project Training Class
Microsoft Project Training Help in Class
Microsoft Project Training Help in Class

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    • Easy Exercise profile image

      Kelly A Burnett 3 years ago from United States


      The complexity of most software installations need MS Project. You summarized it perfectly - the size of the problem of the delay is the key - you can readily identify both the obstacles and the time that the obstacles stole away from the project.

    • profile image

      Trevor 7 years ago

      Wow, some of those guys in the photos look really puzzled!