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Middle Eastern carrier business sucess

Updated on September 16, 2015

Why Middle Eastern airlines are far more successful in airline business than airline of other region?

Middle Eastern carriers such as Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines are among the successful carrier that dominates the world aviation business not just the fleet acquired, but also in destinations served, in-flight service provided, and total of passengers carried. From its main hubs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Istanbul respectively, the airlines had given the competitors of other continents its very edge in airlines travel competition, more successful than other successful airlines worldwide. Their successful model can actually be reasoned up to few points here:

a) Geographical strategic

Middle East is located at the centre of the world, particularly in air routes. Basically Middle East carrier are serving destinations from destinations of all continents to the centre of the world, which makes connections feasible and effective. This is the main reason that Middle Eastern carrier are mostly functioned as the main transit carrier in the world by connecting passengers from its Middle Eastern hub. Not forgetting the luxurious and passenger friendly airports in the hubs mentioned earlier also the driving force behind the success of Middle Eastern carrier. Dubai has already achieved the feat much earlier when it is the strategic point for all carriers to connect between Asia Pacific and Europe plus North America.

b) Cheaper in-flight service

Other than becoming an effective transit carrier, Middle Eastern carrier also has better advantage in fare competition. This is strengthen by the fact that most Middle Eastern carrier is subsidized by their oil-rich government, which generally makes the airfare cheaper while maintains its best service ever. The ease of connection which in turn increases the passengers numbers in the main hubs is also strengthen the fare competition advantages enjoyed by these carriers for years. Its service which is generally accepted by people all around the world in every walks of life is what makes Middle Eastern carrier the choice of flight.

c) Most modern fleets

The oil-rich government in the Middle East also play the role of acquiring more modern fleets for better passenger experience and bigger passenger capacity carried. Aircraft such as the Airbus A380, newer generation Boeing 777, Airbus A350, and Boeing 787 are among the fleets mostly acquired by these carriers for better flight operations and safety. These new aircraft deliveries is also been accelerated to ensure a younger and safer fleet operations, again by the help of oil-rich government in the Gulf. Modern fleets is also the main contributing factor in cheaper cost and more-efficient flight operations, which is one of the reason Middle Eastern carrier are cheap in fares, which previously mentioned at point above.

d) Five star recognition

Most Middle Eastern carriers had previously achieved five star recognition by Skytrax and other airlines rating bodies. Qatar Airways are one example of carriers which achieved the five star feat before. The five star recognition also the catalyst for further success operations for Middle Eastern carrier in world air travel, which is achieved for the past few years. With popularity of Middle Eastern carriers now it is highly possible that more carriers of the region will be crowned the five star achievement in the future. The five star recognition by Skytrax generally means that the carrier had achieved the highest flight service status in that year.

e) Gulf alternative business options

Once an oil-rich continent, Middle East are developing under the wealth generated from the so called ‘black gold.’ But with the oil supply quickly depleting, Gulf countries cannot afford to fully depend on petroleum export for major income and must explore other feasible options to survive economically in the future. Major gulf cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain are developing rapidly in terms of infrastructure, business, and lifestyle. This trend of rapid development can also be seen in their successful operations of their airlines today, which is also the main contributor to the Gulf economy.

f) Maximum publicity

Emirates, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Qatar Airways are also sponsoring the famous football clubs in Europe, which increases the publicity of these airline. As of 2015, Emirates sponsored Arsenal and its Emirates Stadium, previously it also sponsored Chelsea before; Etihad Airways are current sponsor of Manchester City and its Etihad Stadium; Turkish Airlines sponsored Borussia Dortmund, and previously sponsored Barcelona and Manchester United; Qatar Airways sponsored Barcelona. This sponsorship proves the high values of these Middle Eastern carrier in the world stage even further combined with their service.

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