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Military Analysis: Face Bangladesh Army At Your Own Risk

Updated on March 22, 2015

A Small South Asian country with vast military capabilities, Bangladesh has been on media for quite sometimes for it's Military. The capabilities of Bangladesh Armed Forces is well known to it's neighboring forces since Indo-Pak War of 1965, When Bangladesh Army's 1st Bengal Regiment single handed gave Indian Army the most humiliating defeat of their history and how they drove Pakistan out in 1971. However, a recent Military Analysis shows that Bangladesh Army is now more powerful than Ever.

Defenders Paradise

Bangladesh has been labeled as Defenders Paradise by Military Analysts due to It's very strategic layout. According to experts, It is almost impossible for a single country to beat Bangladesh Army at frontal war due to Bangladesh geographic location and Army's clever layout. Further beyond, It is also said that it's two biggest current threat India and Myanmar can't afford to face Bangladesh in a full frontal war. In order for either India or Myanmar to attack Bangladesh, They have to use at least 21 divisions for attack which means India have to bring in Soldiers from It's border with China, Pakistan and Bangladesh, which leaves the whole border almost defenseless. Which will leave Bangladesh Army's guerrilla force totally uncontested to attack into India.

As for Myanmar, It is almost next to impossible to beat Bangladesh Army due to It's army's lack of Experience and weapons.

Submarine Purchase

According to Australian Navy's report, Bangladesh Navy's Submarine purchase is much more than just Patrolling it's maritime boundary. Navy is awaiting arrival of two Ming-Class Submarine which will be placed in newly constructed base near Bangladesh-India Border. Why would Bangladesh Navy purchase aging Ming-Class submarine? Good Question. The reason behind the purchase of two Ming class is to warm up it's Navy before procurement of two more Kilo Class from Russia and Three more classified submarine from Turkey by 2019. So, The navy can brace itself for a fleet consisting seven submarine by 2021.

It is important to know that most of Bangladesh Navy's information and procurement are kept secret until given green signal from Ministry of Defense. Such as the formation of SWADS were kept classified until 2009. There are rumors that Bangladesh Navy is building another special forces named "ODD71", However, all information has been kept intact.

Bangladesh Armed Force's Strength


Active Personnel: 350,000 (Active) / 2,280,000 (Reserved)

Inventory: 1400+ APC, 600 Tanks, 100+ Self Propelled Artillery, 5000+ Anti Tank Missile, 10 Aircraft


Personnel: 48,000 (Active) / 1,500 (SWADS and Commandos) / Reserve: Classified

Fleet: 160+ Ships and 7 Aircraft (Active) / 36 Ships (Under Development)


Personnel: 52,000 (Active) / Reserve: Classified

Aircraft: 170 (Active) / 46+ (On Order excluding UAV)


Personnel: 1,400 (Active)

Fleet: 60 Ships (Active) / 27 Ships and Two Aircraft (Order)

This Data was updated on March 22 2015, More Equipment are under negotiation


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    • profile image

      Habib 2 months ago

      In this article, it is never said Bangladesh has better military power than India, all this article says that if Bangladesh is ever attacked by India or Myanmar, then it's army has ability to defend it. It is clearly written that to enter into Bangladesh, India has to deploy a huge number of soldiers keeping other borders defenseless. At the same time the guerilla wings of Bangladesh Army will attack India in way of guerilla war, not in conventional style. In this way there will be a huge loss to Indian side. Bangladesh does not hold ability to attack India, but it has ability TO DEFEND ANY INDIAN OR BURMESE ATTACK, without doubt.

    • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

      Ashutosh Joshi 10 months ago from New Delhi, India

      As a Bangladeshi its obvious for you to feel proud of your forces but that dosnt mean you present a distorted and assumed reality. Lets talk on facts, not fiction tales and jingoism, Bangladesh forces are no match even for Pakistan, Indian forces are far superior and well equipped.

      Was Bangladesh Army fighting '71 war or was it majorly the rebel group Mukti bahini that was trained and armed in India??

    • Shrikant6989 profile image

      Shrikant Jadhav 15 months ago from Buenos Aires ,Argentina

      Lol you Bangladeshis are really ignorant.. One idiot is claiming that Bangladesh defeated India (Zoardar) Not sure in which battle ! May be in his dreams

    • profile image

      Mahmud 15 months ago

      No, it's not true. Bangladesi were fight with Pakistan last 9 month and before we just get independent, Indian army started fight with Pakistan. They (India) just wanted to show the world that they fight for us. If they really want to fight they should join with strong bangal army during the war, not wait before they got victory. India also made confuse to historian such as Indian and Pakistan army sign up for end of the war and picture show up only Indian and pakistan army . So big question -- where was bangladesi army?where was Gen.Osmani ? Indian army hold his plane and made delay his plane. Make sure he could not reach in there on time . As a result, india could show the world that they defeated Pakistan and they lost more army than bangladeshi. It is only true that they helped to kept border open for bangladeshi people and army equipment send to bangladesh from Russia. Support us for make sure we could separate from Pakistan. It was there main plan to break Pakistan.

    • profile image

      Zoardar 19 months ago

      "Bangladesh Army's 1st Bengal Regiment single handed gave Indian Army the most humiliating defeat of their history " - This statement is absolutely true but it doesn't mean Pakistan won that war .. It means Bloody Indians lost in the Bengal ...........

    • Shrikant6989 profile image

      Shrikant Jadhav 20 months ago from Buenos Aires ,Argentina

      LoL. This is all fake. Fact one -in 1965 India defeated Pakistan badly (Bangladesh was part of Pakistan) .

      Below is the link:

      Fact two - in 1971 Pakistan would have wiped all bangladeshis from the face of this earth but it was the Indian army who made them surrender .

      Below is the link for a video related to 1971 surrender :

      Please do not bluff around.

    • profile image

      walibooks 2 years ago

      So Thanks for this information