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Millennials Traits and Characteristics

Updated on October 10, 2013

Over the past few months I have started to notice the increase trend or awareness of what and who millennials are. I myself didn’t even know what a millennial. Basically it’s another word for generation Y, people born 1980s to the early 2000s. That is a good generalization. It started when my girlfriend showed me a top ten thing millennial guy’s love and she thought of me and felt it was a good match. I think seven of the ten applied with a few variations. There have a been a few video’s that have come out and on that I posted on my facebook caught the attention of my dad.

The just of the video was a sarcastic tone of a thank you, it kind of tore down the baby boomers a bit. I posted it on the premise that I thought its sarcasm was misplaced and in it wrong. A kind of a double negative. My father took the video quite different. He responded. Now this coming from a mid fifties gentlemen who has no cell phone let alone a smart one was big. For him to post a response was a big deal. It was his first and only thing he has responded too.

I saw this response while walking home from a concert on a Friday night. My girlfriend and I went to see a bunch of indie bands playing at soon to be developed condo site. I showed it to her as they are closer in age to get her take on it.

What I gathered from it was that he was insulted at what the video said. I soon called him afterwards to explain and talk things out.

I appreciate very much what my dad has done for me and am thankful. As I’m sure all millennials will come to realize. You can only make what you think are the best decision for your family.

I guess I’m not like the Peter pan generation, since I am not living at home but I do share some of their cultural traits and preferences. Such as craft brewers and wineries, HBO shows and fashion sense. But not so hipster. It’s a look I choose not to pull off. Does that make me a hipster hipster?

My girlfriend mentioned a few days after wile talking about the situation that she had taken a course on how to manage different generation in the work place. This I think is a skill managers need to have as there are differences in how to manage different generations. She said that millennials come to work to make friends be more social and ask why. We tend to need to be babied a bit more when compared to our baby boomer generation. After the crash of 08 work places have both.

I agree with some of that and would like to have been able to take that course being that I’m a millennial and will soon have to manage baby boomers and millennials alike. How the two generations approach the workforce is different but the underling desire of wanting to do a good job is the same. Does that mean we’re not so different after all?

So are you a millennials, how do you feel about working with baby boomers?

Are you a Baby boomer and now work with millennials? What’s your take?

Leave your comments below..


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