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Minnesota Shopping: Shopping from Home on Amazon

Updated on October 29, 2016

Amazon is About People

Amazon has offerings from all types of people selling all types of products. In the past six months, I have purchased lots of items through Amazon. I say through because Amazon only offers a space to use for selling.

Amazon, itself, is not the supplier.

I, for example, have used the Amazon page to find a lot of items. Aetrex Foot pads for my husband who needs orthotics in his shoes. Sellers on Amazon have the best prices anywhere. If I were to purchase them from the doctor, he'd offer them at a higher price.

Purchasing is Easy

I search for my item in their convenient search bar, Amazon searches for, and presents to me a list of that item. I look for the best price and best shipping. It's funny, but usually the free shipping items are higher than the buy with shipping items, since the seller is selling for the same price, but the price includes the shipping many times. It's marketing, and it's a convenience.

I use various methods for purchasing. You can input in your charge card number. Or, you can input in your debit card. You can elect to use your bank routing number, or as I use, Paypal a lot of the time.

A benefit to using Paypal, is that I get money back from my purchases. They credit my account with some percentage of the sale and then, I use that money for purchasing my next item with Paypal.

It's a nice feature!

Choices are Nice

It's nice to have choices.

I receive my item a few days after I order it. Many times, the need for the item is diminished as the time to fix my item can wait until the product gets to my home.

We ordered some My Pillows through Amazon. They arrived while I was at work, so I had to pick them up at the Post Office. They were conveniently packaged in sealed plastic in a box. Then, I had to open up each pillow and let them puff up to their required shape.


I ordered a Range Extender through Amazon. It was a mere thirty dollars after shipping was added on. I had no driving to do to find it. I clicked, I paid, they shipped.



I found some cool movies on Amazon. They were very good quality. Good prices.

Christmas is Coming

How convenient. Christmas shopping through my computer. Click, click, click.


Well, it's kind of lazy on my part, but, WOW, time saving. No fighting the crowds. No driving in awful traffic. That's a whole another page.... traffic. Don't get me started on that subject, right?


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    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 12 months ago from San Diego California

      Postal policy with Amazon is usually dump and run. The packages have the Leave if No Response label, and we are supposed to honor that in all circumstances. Don't know why you had to go to the Post Office. Great hub.