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Mir Mohammad Ali Khan

Updated on February 27, 2017

History Of Mir Mohammad Ali Khan

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan (MirMak) is a recognized name in Pakistan's finance industry. He was the only Pakistani who has been to Wall Street New York, and has encountered the advantages and cons of the biggest stock market in the world. He is not only the Wall Street veteran but also an internationally renowned Investment Banker, an Entrepreneur and a Capital Markets Advisor. At the age of 29, he became the youngest Chairman and Founder of a full service Investment Bank in America and after that accomplished the title of first ever Muslim to have owned an investment bank on Wall Street. He had a successful career as Founder and Chairman: The Financial Group, Inc., Federal Advisor to Government of Pakistan, a Member of New Jersey Governors Council. He brought Islamic Banking Research into standard America by co-supporting and encouraging Harvard University to introduce Harvard Islamic Finance and Information Program (HIFIP). He has built up "THE World's First Islamic Banking Benchmark Index on Wall Street named KMS-SAMI: (Socially Aware Muslim Index) which is currently useful records keep running by The Dow Jones Indices. He has additionally been highlighted in "Who of Top Executives in The World".

He was nurtured in a highly educated family of Karachi. His family is full of Doctors, Lawyers and Ph.Ds. He is additionally from one of those few families for whom ancestry can be traced to the notable lineages. His ancestry is followed back from the dynasty of Asaf Jah family of the Nizam of Deccan, Mir Osman Ali khan from his paternal side and Syed Ali Asghar Bilgrami, who was his maternal grandfather, was the Governor General of the Province of Aurangabad, India. Mir Mohammad Ali Khan graduated from an Irish Catholic Missionary High School in Karachi with amazing scholastic evaluations. From his early age he was fixated on books and studies yet he generally longed for having a successful career in finance. In his late teens his family immigrated to US where he finished his further studies from Rutgers University in the same course that he always wanted to make big in, Economics and Finance, however the heredity did not offer him any comfort amongst his struggling period in abroad. During his higher education, he worked all kinds of odd jobs to support himself. His first job in America was as washing dishes and cleaning tables at Burger King on Easton Avenue in New Jersey. He drove taxis, punched tags in the apparel section of Kmart to support his educational expenses in a foreign country but during these jobs one wish derived him to work hard and that was to enter Wall Street and be in the middle of all the action of the Capital Markets. And all the hard work and sheer determination paid off by getting appointed at an investment bank right on Wall Street as an assistant Vice President. From that point onwards he never looked back. After that he moved to another investment bank as a Senior Executive Vice President, International Investment Banking Division. He started to handle international clients and being a bilingual, which worked out to be greatly in his favors. In 1995 another milestone in his journey when he opened his own Investment Bank on Wall Street, which was KMS Investment bank the first Muslim owned investment bank in the history of Wall Street. During this whole time he has gathered a few hundred million dollars of assets under Advisory & Management and has done over 40 or so investment banking deals, including IPO’s and secondary financing. Side by side he has also started to take a keen interest in politics and was one of the biggest contributors to the Republican Party. He believed that Muslims in any country that they permanently settle into should become active in the Democratic process of that country to have their voice heard and counted.

Among numerous other political achievements, he has also become the Member of the Governor's Council, for the Governor of New Jersey, and is also a supporter from the Republican Presidential Task Force, and the first Pakistani ever to have had these honors in America. He is a single father raising his two sons all by himself. He is also writing an autobiography which is expected upon soon to release. . Film makers from Hollywood and Lollywood have joined hands for making a feature film on his expedition of struggle. This is happening to be the first time that Hollywood is making a movie on a Pakistani. The movie 'Karachi to Wall Street' is the story of first Muslim and Pakistani who owns an Investment Bank at Wall Street, and how he confronted many difficulties from anti-Muslim elements. Eman Bente Syed will be the producer of 'Karachi to Wall Street' who is known for the film Jalaibee. Mr. Mohammad Ali Khan has vowed to donate all the profits produced from this movie to different ventures for youth causes.


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