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Mobile Marketing: Embrace the Power of Text Message Marketing

Updated on October 11, 2011

Mobile Marketing, otherwise known as text message marketing , text marketing, or mobile clubs can be an incredibly effective and affordable way for business owners to market their business, encourage repeat business, and increase customer loyalty. The ultimate goal of most businesses is to establish a consistent and loyal customer base while bringing in new business, right? Most merchants have embraced tools such as email, direct mail, Internet advertising and even social media marketing to promote their businesses which are individually great traditional marketing methods. The challenge comes with the time and money invested into these programs and the potentially low response rates that are achieved with them. This is where a Text Mobile Marketing program can come into play as an efficient and effective customer retention and marketing tool. The public is so obsessed with their “smart” phones these days that they just can’t put them down for anything - right? Consumers have to drive, walk, and as a matter of fact it seems like the public is just not able to do anything without their cell phones! Did you know that 98% of text messages are read regardless of content? True Story! Some of the countries largest radio station networks, national restaurant chains, and even Ben and Jerry’s have mobile text clubs - now finally, your business can compete with them simply and affordability! Text message marketing programs are available from some stand alone entities and credit card processors alike.

Signing up for this amazing tool that will allow your business to compete with some of the nation’s largest chains can be an incredibly simple process that enables you to create promotions, text coupons, drip campaigns, and interactive surveys all with the click of a mouse. So, how would you like to communicate with all of your most loyal customers who have opted into your Mobile Club instantly on their phone? The best part is that your customers will love your program because they will feel like you are speaking directly to them even though you are sending out 100’s and even 1000’s of mobile marketing messages with the push of a single button.

For instance, imagine you receive a text message from your favorite lunch spot for 50% off a sandwich right at about 12 O’Clock as you are thinking about where to go for lunch. This is powerful text message marketing! These mobile marketing campaigns can not only be automated but can even be integrated to your Facebook and Twitter account to automatically post your text message announcement all with the push of ONE button!

So how does a mobile marketing program work. It is simple, you encourage your customers to join your "mobile club" by texting (for example) "join" to 12345 and whalla they have "opted" in to be a member of your mobile marketing or customer loyalty program. For maximum conversions it is advisable to reward your customers who join with an incentive like text coupons or entries into a contest. Once your most loyal customers have opted into your mobile club, your text message marketing program is easily managed from a virtual back office that enables you to manage all or your campaigns, contests, text coupons, and surveys from any computer with an internet connection. So, how could your business use a mobile text message marketing? There are literally thousands of ways that you could use a mobile marketing program for just about any business model but here are just a few ideas of campaigns that may work for you:

Lets say for example you own a restaurant.

1. Maybe you are having a slow night and you want to bring in some extra business. Simply send out a text message for a free beer when your customers come in and show (or mention) the text.

2. You could create trivia contests with appetizers, entrees, or drinks as prizes

3. Create a frequent diner or text coupon club

4. Send out automated Birthday wishes like “happy birthday come on in and dessert is on us”

5. Entertainment announcements maybe there is a special band or local performer playing

6. You can even conduct surveys on what new items your customers would like to have on the menu. For instance create a survey a choice of 3 items and encourage your customers to vote on which item they like to see on the menu.

Maybe you own a retail store front or e-commerce business

1. Bargain hunter notifications like a text coupon of the day club

2. Gift idea announcements around the holidays

3. Low inventory alerts

4. Create text coupons

5. You could even offer Frequent buyer clubs with rewards

Health and wellness business

1. Seasonal promotions. For instance you could send out a text saying something like "summers coming get rid of those last 5lbs...mention this text and receive 20% off our fat burner diet"

2. Create appointment reminders for each of your customers to make sure that they will remember to come in for their apppointment

3. “Have not seen you in a while” reminders

4. Promote specials or text coupons

5. Send out Happy Birthday wishes

6. Or maybe you just want to make an announcement about a new service you are offering

Well you get the idea! Virtually anything that you can think can quickly and easily be integrated with your text marketing program. The point is that these mobile marketing campaigns can be put into place simply and then ran automatically to create more repeat business and more loyal customers. Your customers will become personally connected to your business at a price that cannot be matched through any other form of advertising. Text Message Marketing is an easy and effective way to increase customer retention while increasing sales volume.

When it comes to marketing your business it is always important to remember that it costs a business up to 8 times more money to acquire a new customer versus retaining an existing customer. The message here is: Don’t throw your marketing dollars at expensive programs solely intended for new clients if you haven’t catered to rewarding your current and new client base when they come in.

Mobile Marketing programs are incredibly affordable and easy to manage. In fact The Merchant Doctor offers a discounted program when you process with them reducing your cost per contact to a nickle or less! Now that is an affordable marketing and customer loyalty program. For as little as $59/month your business could embrace not only the power of the text message but have incorporate it with your social media marketing efforts. When compared to the cost of traditional print, radio, and internet advertising a mobile marketing program and be an effective and measurable marketing asset to just about any business.

For more detailed information on Mobile marketing programs contact the Merchant Doctor or call your current credit card processor to see if they have a mobile or social media marketing program designed to help your business succeed.

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    • profile image

      Neomyslowly 20 months ago

      In any case I will be subscribing for your rss feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!

    • merchantdoctor profile image

      merchantdoctor 5 years ago from Reno

      Awesome Dave I am glad that the MD was able to help! Feel free to contact us if you would like more detailed info!

    • profile image

      dave 5 years ago

      great that my cell phone can be used to market my business...thanks for the info!

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