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What you need to know about a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Updated on July 15, 2013
More smartphones are now being adopted by the masses because they are becoming less expensive than before.
More smartphones are now being adopted by the masses because they are becoming less expensive than before.

M-branding is on the increase

Mobile marketers have adopted other mobile marketing strategies such as mobile branding (m-branding) as smartphones are becoming less expensive and thus increasingly also being adopted by the masses. Mobile marketing refers to marketers using a mobile platform to convey messages to create an awareness about a product or service to a specific target audience to eventually facilitate a sale. A mobile marketing strategy includes specific mobile marketing activities or actions to achieve particular marketing objectives. A mobile marketing strategy usually forms part of a business's overall marketing plan. A mobile device is an excellent mobile marketing tool as it is always carried by the user and can be accessed anytime and even universally. It is like being able to market a product or service 24 hours per day. Smartphones have also made access to the Internet via a mobile web much easier.

SMS marketing is no longer the only mobile marketing strategy, although it is still being argued that it remains the most popular and less expensive. SMSes are considered as spam and in South Africa, for example, marketing messages via SMS are permission-based. Marketers must obtain permission first to send their marketing SMSes and when it is not done, the marketing opportunity is lost due to users' resistance to spam.

An example of a mobile branded channel.
An example of a mobile branded channel. | Source

Which mobile marketing strategies can be used?

Mobile marketing to users is no longer about sending SMSes only. Marketing via SMS is considered spam and many users choose to block spam senders. Many mobile marketers now choose to rather engage with the consumer on mobile devices using relevant brand messages. M-branding is becoming very popular and because users choose to opt in to receive these messages, also very effective. Users opting in to receive m-branding messages are already familiar with the brand and want to have contact with the business and show their loyalty. M-branding is interactive and caters for a unique target audience and their needs and wants.

M-branding strategies include (but are not limited to):

Brand channel fans

Mobile brand channels are like a mobile social networking site where users can subscribe to to many personalized offerings which include branded downloads, ringtones, games and interaction with other users. This channel is accessed from the mobile device and is usually contracted with a mobile service provider. Because users engage with the brand, branding messages are not that obvious. Users become fans of the brand on the mobile device.

Branded mobile applications

Mobile applications provide a good mobile marketing opportunity when relevant content can be accessed by mobile users. Businesses could develop their own useful mobile applications and at the same time enhance their brands through subtle branding messages while users are using these applications.

Contextual mobile messages

Users appreciate relevant mobile messages and not unwanted spam SMSes. That is why mobile marketing is also moving in the direction of contextual mobile messages. With contextual mobile messages, marketers provide users with information which is relevant to their lives based on tracked information such as their location. These messages can include information about nearby restaurants or current sales in a shop in close vicinity. Not all mobile users will appreciate being tracked and hence this form of mobile marketing is still being refined.

It is important that mobile marketing should create a positive customer experience and not be intrusive.


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