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Ways to make farming productive

Updated on October 8, 2014

Make farming a profitable calling

adapt successful farming methods
adapt successful farming methods | Source

Gary's place

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Gary's hutfruitsSow with pigletsGoods for sale are displayed during market daysfish stall
Gary's hut
Gary's hut
Sow with piglets
Sow with piglets
Goods for sale are displayed during market days
Goods for sale are displayed during market days
fish stall
fish stall

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The place where Gary's family lived

IN a quiet but prosperous barangay called BLISS dwelt Gary's family. They lived in a cozy hut made of cogon grass, bamboo and wood. Fenced all around with well-kept bamboo slats and lined with sweet smelling flowers, the hut has all the basic appliances and other utilities for the five of them.

A piece of land their only hope

The family owned a tract of land which was bought from a landlord through the government at easy installments. This piece of land symbolized their only hope for a bright tomorrow for Gary's parents, Oscar amd Liza, failed to attend college degrees because of poverty.

Diligent farmers

Every morning and afternoon Oscar and Liza reported diligently to their farm to till the soil, plant crops and do other field work. They were always ahead of their fellow farmers in reporting to their farm because they woke up early in the morning in time with the crowing of the roosters to prepare their breakfast of a cup of coffee followed by a helping of boiled camote and a paksiw of shrimps. They don't mind the backbreaking and monotonous farm chores. To while away the time, they whistled, sang lullabys, ate camote and drank lemon juice to console themselves while deeply engrossed in work. For them the chirping of birds and insects in the early dawn and the hum of running brooks were sweet music

Good income

The family earned enough money coming from farm products. It doesn't borrow money from loan sharks unlike those of its neighbors. Oscar and Liza don't smoke cigarettes. They came to realize that smoking cigarettes was bad for their health. Fellow farmers found time to indulge in cockfights and other vices, the couple, however, considered this as a waste of time, money and efforts. Instead, they opened an account with a bank and deposited their extra earnings there.

Civic conciousness

Gary's parents attended social and civic functions promptly. It's their firm belief that they have an indispensable role in the upliftment of their fellowmen and community. Gary's family wasn't remiss either in the fulfillment of its religious chores. Together with the kids, they attended church services at the BLISS chapel.

Adaption of modern and improved farming techniques

The family accepted and practiced improved ways of farming . When necessary, they consulted the services of government farm technicians for help. Whenever there is training or seminar for farmers, Oscar would jump at the opportunity. So Oscar became a skillful farmer in due time. He devised his own planting calendar to guide them in planting suitable crops and vegetables at any given time of the year.

Bountiful harvest from crops, sales from livestock

For their industry, the family always reaped bountiful harvest. From their well-managed diversified farming camote, cassava, gabi, ubi and fruits as well as vegetables of various kinds are harvested one after the other all the year round. Sale of piglets, chickens and eggs from the swine and poultry houses also contributed much to the family's income. Marketing these products posed no problem for the BLISS Marketing Cooperatives bought them all at reasonable prices.

Farmer Oscar disclosed his farming secrets

Interviewed and asked to say something on his success, Oscar would modestly say: "I have three wonderful kids- Gary, Clarisse and Rocky Boy- and a patient wife who stood side by side with me in all farm chores. I made a planting calendar to guide us plant the right crops at the precise time. We maintained through the years a compost pile of dried grass, carabao manure, chicken dung, kitchen leftovers, etc.which is a very rich source of fertilizer for our plants. We practiced thrift in all occasions. In short, our keys to successful farming are hardwork, knowhow and perseverance. Indolence has no place in our household.



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    • profile image 

      9 years ago

      Intoy Cris A, malipayon ako ha pagsabot nga may-ada ko ngayan mga Filipino nga kaopod dinhe ha internet, which means Boy CRIS A I'm happy, gratified to know that I'm in company with fellow Filipinos here in the internet. With 51 golden hubs accredited to your name, I salute and consider you a versatile and talented Pinoy. May your tribe increase. As a beginner, I feel I have so many things, words, etc to understand. So having trust in you tell me what these words mean: RSS, BOOKMARK, difference between signin and signup, URLs will be hyperlinked; tell me their meanings in simple English

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    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 

      9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      hi nick!

      It seems we are from the same patch of land. Your hub reminds me of the rural life which I long to go back to eventually. Thanks for sharing kabayan :D


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