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Momentis UK

Updated on September 24, 2012

Momentis UK

Momentis UK is a supplier of cheaper gas and cheaper electricity who are launching in the summer of 2012 offering people across the United Kingdom the chance to start their own business as an Independent Consultant.

Momentis UK are the marketing side of Just Energy, a $3 billion company and they are investing $300 million on their UK launch. The pre-launch period will last until the launch due in August 2012.

In Demand

With a service and product that is in demand, needed and used by everybody there is no need to create a market. Momentis are looking for leaders and networkers to grow this business and create themselves a sound financial future, or second income stream.

Momentis plan to have a full UK presence with a UK-based Head Office, a corporate team and a customer service facility just serving the UK market. As I am writing this, Momentis are building their teams, finding their leaders and distributors and getting ready to launch into the overpriced UK gas and electricity markets, offering cheaper gas and cheaper electricity to everybody in the UK.

Green Energy

Momentis focusses on green energy - saving consumers money AND investing in the planet's future.

Like Utility Warehouse?

It is true that Momentis UK is attracting a LOT of ex-Utility Warehouse distributors, simply because they are paying more. So, if the price stacks up, if they can give you cheaper electricity and cheaper gas then it's worth finding out about it both as a customer -and- as a potential distributor.

Momentis MLM

Momentis operates under a MLM business model. You can work alone, or you can build your own team - that's your choice. Momentis is a financially sound company, providing much-needed cheaper electricity and cheaper gas services to customers across the UK, using the MLM business model to promote and sell their service.

No Experience Needed - Full Traiining Provided

If you have absolutely no experience, then full training is provided, both in the product, how to sell the service and everything else you need to know. You can start from scratch and learn on the job. If you've already entered the MLM world before then you might learn something new, but you'll still need to understand the service and how to sell it. For seasoned pros of Utility Warehouse, you can probably mostly hit the ground running.

Join Momentis UK

Momentis UK Utility Provider
Momentis UK Utility Provider

It is easy to join Momentis and there's zero cost, so it's worthwhile looking into, even if you simply come away with a greater understanding of business and opportunities available! Knowledge is power too. They make it very easy for you to join Momentis.

How Does Momentis Work?

If you are a consumer, using Momentis as your utility supplier could save you money - this is easily determined by comparing your bill with the prices at Momentis.

As a distributor of Momentis services, it's an opportunity to build a solid business, working the hours you choose. There is career progression, based on success, and you are paid for each customer you find every time they save money on their bill. Once signed up, the customer is "yours for life", so each time they receive a bill, they will have saved money and you are paid again. This is called a residual income, you're paid many times for work you did once.

Is Momentis a Scam?

No. If you choose most other utility companies to supply your gas and electricity, part of your bill is to cover the huge costs of their buildings, staff, annual leave, sickness benefits, maternmity leave - and the other 1001 costs a big company has to cover. Ultimately, even within these big organisations, somebody has to be making sales and being paid to make sales. The cost of marketing, advertising, leaflets - all methods the big companies use to get customers - costs them thousands. ALL paid for by the customers, in their big bills.

With Momentis, all these overhead costs are saved - the distributor is paid a commission for making the sale, finding a new customer - and the customer benefits in lower prices.

It's that simple.

You could simply be a customer - or take it to the next level and be a distributor.

Costs of Joining Momentis

During the pre-launch stage it was free to join Momentis as a distributor. However, there are some startup fees and costs as well as an ongoing cost in remaining as a distributor.

Fees & Costs to Distributors

Momentis UK Startup Costs and Ongoing Costs are expected to be in the region of:

  • £159 Start Up Fee
  • £16/Month Office Monthly Fee

If you wish to build a team, the cost seems to be £198+VAT at 20%, totalling £237.60.

This is not a free business opportunity - the ongoing costs are significant for somebody who doesn't understand fully the business they are entering.

If you are thinking of joingin Momentis, find out about the deregulation of energy providers in the UK, find out what OFCOM have to say - and do your homework!

How Does Momentis Work?

In simple words: If you join Momentis as a distributor, your job is to find customers who want to save money on their electricity bills and gas bills.

A successful distributor will sit down and make a list of ways they can achieve this - and simply keep to their list.

Private Customers AND Business Customers

You aren't limited to selling to the end consumer - there is a lot of scope (and money) to be made by approaching businesses to save them money on their bills. With costs going up and margins being squeezed, there's probably not been a better time to show businesses how to save money on their energy bills

Ways to Promote Momentis:

When you join Momentis all the help, advice and assistance you need to promote their service is given to you, some fabulous and innovative ideas that might be perfect for your area, or your connections. However, here's a quick overview of ways to promote Momentis to get you thinking:

  • Get some business cards, always have a few in your pocket
  • Tell people what you do
  • Ask friends/family if you can "practice" on them to calculate the savings they could make - and keep/use a copy of those worked examples to show other people (removing personal information of course!
  • Door-knock in your local area (any local licensing issues checked for)
  • Take a stand at local fairs/markets or community events
  • Write informative articles for the local publications or press
  • Don't try to hard sell - let the figures talk for themselves. Buying from you has to be a decision the customer's made..... try to get people to want to buy from you, don't try to sell to them!
  • Every day learn one new fact or figure about the company - the more you know, the more fluent you will become in explaining it and minimising any fears new customers might have put up as objections

Overall, Momentis is a company who are keen for you to succeed, so if none of these ways to promote Momentis sit comfortably with you, then they can help you find a more natural way for you to sell their service, something that's easier for you. Some successful distributors work entirely through promoting the website that Momentis set up for them (free of course) - they simply advertise, driving traffic to THEIR section of the site.

If you can't make money by saving people money on what they are already using, then you're doing something wrong .... but there's somebody at Momentis who could help you turn that round!

As Momentis are in pre-launch, some aspects of their offer might change since thsi article was written.


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