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Mommy Making More Than Daddy From Home

Updated on December 26, 2014

Customer Service Employment From Home

Live World - If you enjoy forums this may be a gig of your interest, your task would be to moderate forum postings.

Marketlink - Moms that can dedicate at least 5 hours making outbound calls from Mon - Friday during the hours of 4pm - 9 pm.

NexRep - The income from this company is at least $15 per hour. They do expect you to be fingerprinted, they also reqire $25 out of pocket expense to pay for your fingerprint. Agents primarily work evenings and weekends. This company do train their agents. This particular work at home opportunity is not typical, you are really running your own home based business some agents make up to $20 per hour. Responsibilities include making appointment, and/or rescheduling appointments for high profile executives.

Next Wave Advocacy - If you love politics then you will love working for this grassroots organization. You are expected to make calls for different politic views, world causes. You DO NOT make any calls to solicit for donations $12 per hour. Must work 20 hours per week.

On Point Advocacy - Work at home company flexible hours.

ORC - Expected to perform telephone interviews Pays $8.75 per hour with evening and weekend hours. Flexible hours.

All Things Work From Home

Over the past 6 years I have been an all things work from home person. Because my health issues I can not work the regular 9 - 5, but that did not mean I could not work from home. I have always searched, and researched for ways to earn money at home. I also always believed there is money in my company (love my computer). I found a job working for U-Haul it has been 2 1/2 years now and I still work with U-Haul making pretty good money part time. U-Haul is the BEST job I have ever come across. I know no one from U-Haul will ever know how much I appreciate working for the company at home.

I have been through hell and high water, deep water, storms, earthquakes you name it I either been through it or know someone who has. ...And I am still hanging on to my U-Haul employment. Why am I so grateful? U-Haul has no idea my life has been turned upside down, and inside out so many times, but they never ever just said that's it you're out of here. I have had so many computer issues that are far beyond what is normal. First of all my desktop computer which was my best computer, and never had any issues with it was sold off by my roommate along with all my clothes, and TV. So I was left with my laptop to work on, which was in fairly good condition, but I have a hard time trying to see on my laptop. However, I kept on working.

I digress, when I was first hired I thought how ironic that I work from home for a moving company, and I am the queen of moving!! Not by choice mind you.

It all started when I began working with my advocate from the My Employment Options company who work with people with disabilities. They worked with me all by email and over the telephone. The only time I was required to go anywhere is when I was hired at U-Haul. I went to the location near my home to sign off on my application.

So here I am writing this article mainly because I found myself yet in another crazy situation!!! I moved from Chicago to Atlanta for reasons I really can not describe here. Keep in mind I purchased a brand new computer before I left Chicago, and guess what when I moved into my apartment in Atlanta I signed on to go to work, and the computer is NOT WORKING!!

This is a true story nothing here is fictional. I have my old laptop which I can only use to surf and what not, it can not be used for working it does not meet the standards to work on. So now I find myself with a new computer that's out of whack (3 months old) and wondering how the heck am I going to pay these bills. I had to shift into 3rd gear and find resources for plan C.

I when on a serious quest to find something else I could do until I am able to get my computer fixed. I always had a plan B, but never had to resort to plan C. Guess what plan C was pretty darn good! What did I dirt! I could not believe the amount of sites I found that is truly honest and legitimate companies. I thought why not write a hub and share these golden finds with you...enjoy.

Prepare your office with a sturdy file cabinet
Prepare your office with a sturdy file cabinet | Source

Do You Prefer Writing or Phone Gigs From Home?

See results

Legitmate Mystery Telephone Shopper

When I first began my journey of working from home, I really thought the only way, and the best way was to write articles, and blog. To my surprise there really is honest mystery shoppers. When I hear the term mystery shopper my scam alert goes off. I just discovered there are real companies looking for people to work from home as a mystery telephone shopper. To be complete honest I never heard of the telephone shopper until this year. I always equated mystery shopping to someone physically leaving their home to shop for someone else. Below is a list of real companies who paid individuals to perform quality and monitored calls from home. I think the term mystery should be eliminated from the job description because individuals will think it is some type of scam. These are 100% honest companies performing quality control calls.

People Calling People - Work from home position you will be speaking with customers using their written script. Must be professional, and have great computer skills.

Perception Strategies - Love working in the healthcare field, this may be for you. Your job will be to perform telephone mystery calls for quality control in doctors offices. You will be expected to gather information. Pays $12-$17.

Physicians First Messages - It is rare but this is actually a full time position from home. You would be receiving calls for physicians. Training provided.

Pierce Eislen - You would call apartment complexes get rental rates. Flexible hours.

Pleio - Work evenings and weekends. Your main task will be assisting patients over the phone with their medication regiment.

Quest Diagnostics - This is an insurance company the calls will be outbound Evening and Saturday hours available. Must live in Kansas.

Support Space - This is a tech support position if you like all things technical this is your slice of pie open 24/7.

Telecare - This company require agents to work late nights. Part time hours.

Prepare To Work


Real Virtual Assistant Employment

Believe it or not I have been going bonkers with applying, and testing out as many of these sites as possible. I have applied for Office 88, Appointment Biz, Fancy Hands, and Virtual Bee to name a few. I think these at home opportunities are awesome, and I could not wait to share all there websites with everyone.

Office 88

The sign up is really easy, there wasn't any type of difficult assessment involved. You do have to wait a few days before you hear back from the company. You can work as a freelance tele-staff, Web designer, secretary or translator. Office 88 also offers an affiliate program.

Pro Advantage Team

The company hires virtual assistants for a large variety of projects.

The Appointment Biz

Work from home for this company as an appointment setter subcontractor. The company require customer service experience the minimum is five years.

Virtual Resource Services Inc.

They have an online application and questionnaire for their virtual assistants to work from home.

Fancy Hands

The application is super easy. You will take a simple assessment which is only about 15 minutes. Tasks include booking hotels, setting appointments and more. Pays $2.50 up to $7 per task.

No more waiting on buses.
No more waiting on buses. | Source

Do You Believe There Are Legitimate Mystery Shopper Jobs Available?

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Data Entry


This job is data entry which pays every week some workers earn approximately $9 per hour.

Voba hires fast typists who are able to type at least 75 wpm.

Dion Data Solutions

The requirements for Dion Date is typing 60 wpm, they are reputable, and legitimate.

Virtual Bee

Virtual Bee was known as keys for cash. Virtual Bee does require a 3 part assessment evaluation. The evaluation is very simple, the first part is keying words, the second is keying dollars, and the second is keying numeric. The difference between the dollars and numeric; keying dollars you key the whole number without the cents, numeric is keying whole numbers and negative numbers. They pay bi-weekly.

Writers Research Group

Writers research group is a mixed bag company they do work with typists, as well as hire for data entry. If you are more interested in the typing position you must be a fast and accurate typist.


Can you believe there is work available to transcribe letters, and messages. Yep this company hire typist to transcribe their letters.

Speak Write

Speak Write is great for individuals who have a paralegal background their transcription is legal work. The typical pay is between $10 - $12 per hour.

Remember the manual typewriters
Remember the manual typewriters | Source

Top Sites

  1. Did you know you can earn from top websites like and yahoo. You can apply to be a Yahoo Contributor writer, the process is very easy with Yahoo, and you can pick your assignments from a list of available topics.
  2. There are over 400+ legit companies looking for hard working individuals to work from home.
  3. There is a wide range of jobs available, there are just as many non-phone jobs as there is customer service jobs.
  4. Did you know there are companies that hire to perform micro-tasks? The only problem I have with micro-tasking the pay is so low per task.
  5. I believe if a person is really organized they can easily earn $2,000 a month from home. I am really being conservative with saying $2,000 a month. My weakness is not being organized I am just looking for that virtual person who loves to keep all things organized so I can hit my goal of $3,500 a month. If you can see me right now with my hair standing all over my head as I put this article together so you guys can make more cash from home.
  6. Working at home is the new career for the 21st century.
  7. Mompeneurs have changed the face of the earning potential for women.
  8. Women are high earners, and control their own boardroom right from home.
  9. I love working from home!!!!!

They are always hiring for writers and guides. For this company, you will need to complete a training session that lasts about two months, if you are hired but you are guaranteed to make $675 per month starting off and they state on their website that most guides earn $2,000 per month.

Article Content Provider

Most of by now is familiar with writing articles online. This site is very popular. A lot of you may have heard of Article Content Provider. This site has plenty of topics they need articles to be written on, the pay is $10 per article.

Break Studios

This site is all about the freelance writing.


Ok this site will pay you up to $20 per article and they generally payout within 12 hours.

Dollar Stretcher

When I first saw the name of this site I thought okay now here is some work that is going to put money in my pocket. They will but dollar stretcher is looking for writers to write about saving money and how to live within your budget. They currently pay .10cent a word.

First Beat Media

This site is looking for full time workers to write content.

How Stuff Works

This website is looking for writers to create content and submit your work for payment.

Know More

On Know More some writers earn from $100 - $800 monthly. They do pay a fixed rate for articles and you earn traffic commission.

Love to Know

The rate of pay is $20 for articles that is 650 words.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha has a mixed-method approach they are looking for writers, and they are hiring for other jobs.

It's All About Numbers

Maybe there are some folks who love working with numbers, omg I hate numbers, except for the ones on my paycheck. Seriously if you are an accounting buff there is a ton of work for you. Here are some websites for you to check out. To honest I had no idea there were accounting and bookkeeping jobs from home until I started researching for work for myself.

I do not know if you guys realize how much is really available for us who do work from home. There are a lot of companies who prey on people who work from home, and they have become more high tech with trying to get money out of people, but do not fall victim to it. Some companies still advertise you can make money online by doing surveys, I have tried a million times over to do surveys online and I still get the same results. It takes so long to earn enough money to do anything with. I currently do surveys with paidviewpoint they are pretty cool but it takes forever for the money to add up.

There are websites also where you can earn money buy writing music reviews, but again you will be rocking away in your rocking chair before you see the money add up.

The company is looking for full time accountants.

Balance Your Books

Balance Your Books hire CPA's and bookkeepers to work from home.

Click Accounts

Click accounts will accept your resume to be considered for an accountant or bookkeeping position. Send your resume to


They pay $40 to $150 per hour.


This company hire full time workers for bookkeeping, and to perform audits. They also offer benefit packages.

VT Audit

VT audit is looking for people who have experience in payroll and shipping and receiving accounts payable. You will need a landline phone for this job.

American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers

This website is a database with job openings for bookkeepers.


For ignitespot you will be expected to have a background check. They hire for a variety of positions.

I hope this article has been a source of help for those looking to make some extra money for home. I know moms working at home is the wave of all things that is happening in the world today. Because of technology we who chose to work at home have so many more opportunities today than what we had even a decade ago. There is also a lot of online resources and jobs available for those who tutor and or have a teaching background. If you have an ESL certification that also opens other door of opportunities for you. I will list those opportunities in the next article.

©Adrienne F Manson 2014


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  • adrienne2 profile imageAUTHOR

    Adrienne F Manson 

    4 years ago from Atlanta

    Hi daphne, thank you for reading my article. I love researching honest to goodness work at home opportunities. I followed you on pinterest, I have some legit work at home boards on pinterest that might interest you.

  • daphne64 profile image


    4 years ago from Alabama

    I too am very interested in working from home. I currently work night shift outside the home and do not have time to research jobs available. I loved this article. I hope you write more like it.

  • adrienne2 profile imageAUTHOR

    Adrienne F Manson 

    4 years ago from Atlanta

    Thanks Eric, I appreciate your giving my article a read.

  • Ericdierker profile image

    Eric Dierker 

    4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

    Very good stuff here and well written.


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