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Monetizing your blog with these proven methods

Updated on January 15, 2015
Gerhard Homveld profile image

Gerhard is a professional freelancer with over 7 years experience in different online industries.

Blogging to make money

Thousands and thousands of people are making a career for themselves through blogging about a variety of topics, and earning money in various way through their blogs. Some people only spend a little time on their blogs in order to generate an additional monthly income, where others are generating a full-time income from their blogs, sometimes even more than what they made in their original jobs.

This proves that working online and making money from a blog, or by selling and promoting products online for different companies, can turn into a real job for you if you are willing to put some effort into it and create original, creative content that's easy to read, easy to understand and easy to remember.

What it takes to make money blogging

In order to earn an income from your blog, you cannot simply start blogging and expect the money to start flowing into your bank account. Although getting your blog up and running, and starting to post content to your blog is a good starting point, there's more aspects to take into account in order to start earning money from your blog.

High quality, original content

The first, and one of the most important aspects to consider when you are trying to earn an income from your blog is your content. In order to impress visitors and turn them into regular visitors, or better yet, subscribers, you need to write quality content that's unique and original. This will also help your blog rank better in Google and other search engines.

Keyword-driven content

To generate lots of organic traffic to your blog, you will need to do thorough research to find the best keywords to use in your article, article title and tags, and you will need to integrate these keywords into your posts in order to allow the post to show up when a user searches the specific keyword. It's important to look at how many searches there is per month on each keyword, as well as how your competition will be when working with specific keywords. You can do your keyword research for free on Google's Adwords Platform, through their Keyword Planner.

Write about topics your visitors will be interested in

Writing a blog post about a topic nobody will be interested in and expecting to generate an income from the post is like going to the bank to draw cash, while you know your bank account is empty, but still expecting the machine to give you money - it's not going to happen. You need to find out what your target audience wants to read about, and give them exactly that. This way, you will ensure your visitors will want to read your blog, and you'll get more subscribers and returning visitors.

Who can make money from a blog

a Popular question asked by people interested in starting their own blog is "Can I make money from a blog". The short answer is "yes" - anyone who's able to put in some proper effort will be able to generate some kind of income from a blog, but only if they do their research right, write about interesting topics and know how to properly monetize their blog.

Monetize your blog

After writing a couple of articles on your blog, you'll be able to give your blog more structure and a better layout by adding featured posts to your home page, and customizing the layout to include links to the posts you like most in various areas of your website, either through a recent posts list, favourite posts list, banner image or another type of promotional or listing feature.

Once your blog has a good structure and a set of high quality articles, you can start thinking about starting to monetize your blog and generating an income for yourself. It is important to also realize you will have to do some SEO and use several techniques to get your website listed on search engines and directories, and to drive traffic to your website - without any visitors, you won't be able to earn any money.

Monetization Platforms

When looking at platforms that allow you to earn money from your blog, you need to consider a few things before choosing between them.

1. What type of blog do you have. If you have a blog where you review new gadgets, applying for a program at a platform that delivers content about losing weight to your website won't offer much revenue or clicks for you, while promoting the reviewed gadgets on your blog will give your readers the opportunity to easily buy the products by clicking a link on your blog - and you'll earn commission on every sale referred by your blog.

2. What type of readers do you have. If you are targeting high class business men and applying advertisments promoting $1 hosting, the chances that you're going to be receiving a lot of clicks is really low; while offering them investment and forex related advertisments that's aimed at them will result in a higher click rate, and you earning much more revenue.

3. What type of advertisements do you want to offer your readers. Each monetization platform offers their own set of advertisement types, including text, banner and video ads. Be sure to consider which advertisements your readers will be more interested in before applying them to your blog. When reviewing products, it's a good idea to include an advertisement or affiliate link to the product inside the article, while offering weight loss tips could do better with ads automatically generated according to the content of your page with a program like Google Adsense.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the most popular monetization platforms used to generate money from blogs. Using Google Adsense only requires a small piece of Javascript code to be placed wherever you want the ad to appear on your blog.

With Google Adsense, you can customize the appearance of ads displayed on your blog, choose from a large range of different sizes and layouts for an ad, as well as choose what type of ads can be shown on your blog or website - text ads, banner ads or both.

Apart from being able to customize the appearance, type and size of Google Adsense ads, you're also given the ability to block certain ads, and to create custom channels to track your ad performance however you want to, and in anyway that is meaningful and useful to you.

Advantages of using Google Adsense to monetize your blog

  • Easy to apply for a Google Adsense account, and you can use your regular Google Account to sign up.
  • a Variety of ways to customize the appearance, type, layout and size of ads.
  • Ability to change the colors of text ads that appear on your blog.
  • Custom channels allows you to track ad performance any way you want to.
  • Pays you every time someone clicks on an ad on your blog.

Applying to run Google Adsense on your website

In order to add Google Adsense ads to your website and to start earning money from Google Adsense, you will have to apply and be approved by Google. While applying for a Google Adsense account, you will need to specify at least one of your websites, which will be reviewed by the Google Adsense team - you need to be approved in order to run Google Adsense on your website.

Before applying for a Google Adsense account, make sure you read through their Site Policy and ensure your blog adheres to their Site Policy before applying, or your application might be declined.

Ready about the Google Adsense Site Policy here

Sign up for a Google Adsense account here


Infolinks is a great way to make money from your articles by linking to various sites based on keywords found in the content of your articles.

By adding Infolinks to your blog, the content of your articles will be indexed and wherever a keyword or phrase appears that matches an advertiser's keyword or phrase, the phrase on your website will be turned into a link and will earn you money if readers click on the link.

Think about Infolinks as an "add-on" monetization platform for your website. Using Infolinks will allow you to generate extra income from the actual content of your articles, rather than add advertisements throughout your site, which means you won't be seeing large amounts of income very soon, except if you already have a big website that receives a lot of daily traffic.

Advantages of using Infolinks to monetize your blog

  • Matches keywords and phrases are automatically turned into a money-making link.
  • Simply add one single piece of Javascript code the pages you want Infolinks to monetize, that's all it takes to integrate Infolinks with your blog.
  • You can use Infolinks together with other monetization platforms to generate even more from your blog.

Apply to run Infolinks on your website

To apply for an Infolinks account you simply need to fill out a form online and have them review your information. Once approved, you can sign in to the Infolinks Advertisers dashboard, grab the Javascript code and add it to your website. Money making links will automatically and instantly be added to your website.

To sign up, simply go to and click on "Join Us". You'll be presented with a popup window that allows you to manually enter your details, or use your Facebook account to signup for an Infolinks account quickly.


Chitika is a really amazing alternative to Google Adsense, but can also be run together with Google Adsense to maximize your earnings on both networks.

With Chitika, you can customize the size, layout and style of ads displayed on your blog. They also offer a powerful system that detects which ad to show where and when, in order to only show ads to your readers that are relevant to them and will draw their attention.

Chitika also features a mobile advertising platform to monetize your mobile apps, or even your blog when viewed on a mobile phone or tablet device.

Advantages of using Chitika to monetize your blog

  • Quick and easy to integrate with your website.
  • Can run alongside other ad networks.
  • Powerful technology that predicts which ad to show where and when.
  • Excellent for starters with a low minimum payout of only $10 (To PayPal).

Apply to run Chitika on your website

Applying for a Chitika account gives you access to a free account, the ability to choose your own ad type to display on your blog, a low minimum payout and access to top-quality advertisers, as well as their Smart Ad Technology to maximize your earnings and display ads relevant to your readers.

You can ready more about what Chitika has to offer Publishers here

Sign up for a free Chitika Publisher account here

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the perfect solution if you review, promote or even just mention products on your blog. With Amazon Associates, you get access to thousands of products, digital and physical, you can promote on your blog and, in return, earn commission on every sale referred by your website.

Running Amazon Associates on your website is easy, and can really skyrocket the earnings of your blog through the roof, if done the right way.

Advantages of using Amazon Associates to monetize your blog

  • Access to thousands of products to promote.
  • Easily add a link, image or banner on your website.
  • Earn commission on every sale your website refers to Amazon.
  • Several promotion tools to help you promote products.

Apply to run Amazon Associates on your website

To run Amazon Associates ads on your website, you will need to apply for an Amazon Associates account, which is quick and easy to do, but requires you to fill out a tax form and provide information about at least one website they can review.

Sign up for your own Amazon Associates account here

More ways to monetize your website

These are the platforms that's the most popular on the web, and mostly used on blogs to generate an income from blogging online, but are not the only ways to earn money from your blog.

Other monetization platforms worth mentioning

  • Adversal - an Alternative to Google Adsense and Chikita and works with multiple languages. More info here
  • BuySellAds - a Network that allows you to sell advertising space on your website. It's recommended to have a look at BuySellAds only once you have a high volume of unique traffic on your website. More info here
  • eBay Partner Network - Earn money from your blog by listing items for sale on eBay on your website. a Good alternative to Amazon Associates, but can also be run together on one blog. More info here


These are all great ways to generate an income from your blog, and can even bring in a full-time income for you if done right.

In conclusion, remember to do thorough research to ensure your content is interesting and keeps your visitors coming back for more. Also make sure your content is unique and original, and also keyword-driven. This way, you will bring in more visitors and generate a better income from your blog.

Which of these networks do you prefer to monetize your website with?

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