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Money Making Claims

Updated on August 5, 2010

Money Making Claims

You've probably seen it. It's all over the internet. If you do a search on work at home, home business or similar wording up will pop many different websites with people making claims they earn thousands of dollars a month, some even so boldly point out they make six figures a year or even a month.
Well, I'm here to tell you that simply isn't true. They say this so people will buy whatever they are marketing and the truth is you aren't going to make thousands of dollars a month. In fact if you make a few hundred dollars a month you will be lucky.
I realize no one wants ro hear this and you've probably already heard it a few times. There are no sudden, magical get rich quick programs out there. AS a matter of fact there are no magical make alot of money a month programs either. They don't exist. There are programs out there that will make you money if you put alot of time and effort into them. Believe me, I understand how hard it is not to become discouraged and distracted and move on to something else. The problem with this is you will never make any money with any of the programs if you move from one to the next and there are no guarantees of income with any programs. You might make money and you might not.
It doesn't matter how many people tell you you have to do very little work in a very short period of time such as a few hours or a few days and you're going to be rolling the money in. No matter what anyone says people have to want to buy what you're selling/ The old days of going door to door hounding people to buy a product or pressuring family and friends to buy are gone but there is still a certain amount of selling going on. It's called marketing now and you have to get your product in the right place at the right time and in front of people who are serious about making an income from home.
Many people no matter how much they want to earn money from home simply don't have what it takes and much of that is motivation. They have to keep pushing forward no matter how hard it gets. They have to believe in what they are selling whether it be a service or a specific product. They really need to be using said product or service or at least have used it at some point and really be able to point out it's attributes to make the sell. It's useless to start marketing products you know nothing about and probably would never use.
Second, this is one of the most important aspects of making money online and this patience and perserverance and sticking with it even when you get discouraged. Certainly, it's okay to take a few days off from it to clear your head before going back to it but don't let too much time lapse. That's why I recommend still logging in at least once every two or three days and doing something. It only has to be one thing and it doesn't have to take long to do.
There are many different ways of making money online now. You've probably seen the many opportunities. Some are network marketing companies which honestly I don't recommend. And there is one very good reason for this and it isn't because the companies are scams, etc. It's because most marketing companies ask for a signup fee or a monthly fee or both. I'm not against paying a company a monthly fee but alot of people don't earn any money from these types of programs and will eventually be forced to give up only to go to another such company and start the cycle all over again. Before these people know it they've hundreds of dollars into companies that never make them any money and they are more discouraged than ever. This isn't the way to start a business. It isn't good to start a business already cynical, pessimistic and discouraged. You do and no one will buy what you want them too.
But first they must want and need what you are selling.
I read something very important today and that is promoting a program and not the product. Many people concentrate on signing people up for a particular program and rely on those people making sales only they make no sales and they quickly find something else to promote or really didn't have the motivation and desire to make money in the first place.
Unfortunately, many people find a program and think putting up one blog post, posting a link on a classified ad site and maybe submitting their website or blog to one search engine will do the trick and they all they have to do is sit back and watch the dough roll in. But it doesn't work that way. Don't get me wrong, when I first started close to a decade ago I had visions of easy money too. Almost everyone does. Unfortunately, work and family obligations got in the way and I didn't have the time to devote to any program so I let it go until recently and picked it back up again.
There is one thing I learned before I was forced to let it go the first time and that is the power of residual and leveraged income. If I had had the time to stay with it who knows where and how far I would be today. Unfortunately, it does no good to keep looking back and thinking If Only.
You must go forward and not look back.
Thirdly, I recommend finding programs that are free to sign up for. That way if they don't work for you you've only wasted time not money. Or very low cost programs can work well too. Give it at least six months though to see if it works. After that time if you don't see any money(it doesn't have to be alot, the goal is a little then a little more) then consider giving it up.

Always remain positive and be optimistic.



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