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5 Best Money Making Strategies For Bloggers and Writing Effective Landing Pages

Updated on November 12, 2013

5 Best Money Making Strategies For Bloggers

There are many ways for you to monetize your blog. However, the first thing that you need to know before you start monetizing your blog is that you can’t make money from your blog without having fair amount of regular readers (i.e. traffic). If your blog has sufficient traffic, then you will monetize your blog easily. But, if your traffic is dwindling and your blog is still struggling to get good position in your niche, then it is better for you to focus on traffic building first before jumping straight to monetization. It will be more effective for you. Your time will not be wasted. Then, if you’re ready to monetize your blog, here are 5 best money making strategies for bloggers:

1. Putting PPC Ads In Your Blog

This is perhaps the most popular way to make money with your blog. You just build your blog content, and once you get enough traffic, you can put PPC ads in your blog, such as AdSense, Chitika, Clicksor, and Text Link Ads. You will earn money when someone clicks on your ads, regardless of whether they buy the product that is being advertised or not. This is the easiest way to start monetizing your traffic right away, since all you need to do is put content and drive traffic to your blog. You don’t need to market or promote anything.

2. Promoting Affiliate Products Related To Your Niche

Selling other people’s products is also a great way to monetize your blog. Pick any affiliate product related to your blog and start promoting it on your blog. You can promote it through various means. You can write review about the product in your blog. You can also casually promote the product in the posts that you write. Or, you can create a mailing list for the purpose of promoting affiliate products in your blog. You will earn money whenever someone buys the product that you’re promoting.

3. Selling Your Own Product

This is the best way for you to make money on your blog. Why? That’s because when you sell your own product on your blog, you’ll get all the profits for yourself. You will decide how much your product will cost, how the sales page will look, and how you present your product to your audience. If your blog already has good loyal readers and good branding, then this is definitely the best thing that you need to do. Developing a product might need considerable time investment, but the return will be greater for you.

4. Offering Your Own Service

If you don’t want to sell your own product on your blog, then you can offer your service to your blog readers. If you have a small business that offers useful services such as article writing, SEO, link building, web design, web programming, and so on, you can promote your service in your blog. You can also offer your service as a freelancer and attract your clients through your blog. In this way, you can work with many people as far as your readership goes.

5. Selling Ad Spaces In Your Blog

Selling ad spaces in your blog is one of the most popular ways of making money for bloggers. You just offer your blog space to advertisers to advertise their products in your blog. You will charge them monthly, weekly, daily, or even yearly. The money will be paid upfront and you’ll just need to put their ads in your blog. You can either manage the ads for yourself or you can use a service such as BuySellAds to help manage the ads.

Those are 5 best money making strategies for bloggers. If you have a blog that has fairly good traffic, start your monetization now. Pick the one that interests you and start earning money right away.

7 Golden Rules Of Writing Landing Page That Converts

Landing page is one of the most important components in affiliate marketing. It connects your audience to the sales page. You can consider your landing page as a “middleman” between your merchant and the potential customers. That’s why it is important to write landing page that converts. Your landing page must be able to convince your visitors to check out the sales page of the product that you’re promoting.

Here are 7 golden rules of writing landing page that converts:


Writing a landing page is not the same as writing a sales page. Your goal is not to sell the product. Your goal is to inspire curiosity for your audience. You want them to be curious enough so that they want to check the sales page of the product right after reading your landing page. So, don’t write to sell. Write to inspire.


The biggest difference between a successful landing page and a failed landing page is in the degree of persuasion. If the writer cannot write his landing page persuasively, then the copy will simply not convert. Thus, you have to write convincingly in order to persuade your visitors to visit the sales page of your affiliate product.


Don’t write as if you’re talking with lots of people. Write as if you’re talking with someone in front of you. One-on-one conversation. Write your copy to convince only one person about the product that you promote. In this way, you’ll be able to come up with a powerful landing page.


Don’t forget to endorse the product that you’re promoting. Many people are afraid to recommend their affiliate product to their audience. This is not the right approach in writing your landing page. You might be able to convince your audience with your story, but if you never directly endorse the product that you’re promoting, your readers will not understand about what you want them to do.


In order to write a successful landing page, your call to action needs to be inviting, not forceful. For instance, “click here now before it’s too late” may seem to be a forceful call to action. Avoid writing this type of call to action. Write the call to action like this instead: “You might want to check out the product sales page for yourself – click here.” Remember that your visitors won’t like to be forced to do anything, but they will appreciate it if you guide them to do something without forcing them to do it.


You want to call for your reader’s curiosity about the product that you promote. That’s why you shouldn’t put too much details about the product in your landing page. Yes, you have to endorse the product that you’re promoting, but you have to let your readers learn about the product details from the sales page.


It is also good for you to include a brief product review in your landing page. It will give more endorsement for your affiliate product. It will also increase the curiosity of your audience so that they have more motivation to check the product sales page immediately.

Those golden rules, if followed, will guide you to write a high converting landing page that will generate lots of affiliate commission for you, and its possible after many years.

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