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Money, Where Did It Go?

Updated on October 7, 2017
The only thing green around my house is frogs! Thinking of money........................................! Where did it go?
The only thing green around my house is frogs! Thinking of money........................................! Where did it go?

What Happened to our Economy?

I spend every day wondering how our economy became so messed up. If you are the average American citizen, and you have worked your whole life so that one day you might retire and look forward to a taste of the good life, then you might want to think again. I always thought as a teacher that I was never appreciated except by my students. Our states always kept us behind the cost of living. Teachers were creating doctors, lawyers, business people, investors, and not to mention many other provisions in the range of the business world and making money. Did they ever see their share of what was the beginning of that career? I speak of the profession that I chose to do, but could I have made better choices. My heart was always bound to help others, and children were my dedication in life. I think to myself, where am I now? I am retired and biting the bullet of lower income. I should have made at least $45,000 for 25 years of teaching with the degrees that I accumulated, but the system used an excuse to not give me what I was due, since it took so long to take me out of the box in checking my files stored in school systems in warehouses. My files finally were verified for years of experience , but I ended up with half that much money for having taught 25 plus years. Is there an answer to it all? The reason was not justified, because it took the systems so long. Where is the fairness in that? Now we are chopping teachers right and left like they are not important anymore. I ask myself who is going to teach our children? Are we going backwards in education?

I think back, when our government chose to send us a stipend to help boost the economy several years ago. Each taxpayer was to get at least $300 each and $600 for a couple. The Strange thing was that we only got $300 dollars in the end. Our government chose to give away $245 billion dollars and thrust us into a financial crisis. I ask you does it make sense? The only thing that happened with the $245 billion bailout was to cause us to go overseas to borrow more billions. I am thinking why should I be paying for the rich people's lifestyle, when I cut coupons, shop for bargains, have no money for cars, gas, vacations, clothing, and etc. Yet we buy our goods overseas and taken away the jobs in our own country. Why is it that all things that affect us as Americans are never taken to the people to decide. Once we elect someone, then they push their own objectives and not what the American people need. How many laws were pushed behind our back, and we were forced to accept.

In conclusion, I look at a frog and that is all the green I see around my house. I photographed that frog back in better days, but I still think to myself what is the answer?

Why cannot America see the simple answers like taking away poverty, giving us a
economically sound transportation, better health care, and not to mention food on our table, a home to live in. That could have simply been cheaper than the billions spent in this country. I support giving every American less cost of living expenses like removing taxes on food and making housing affordable for all. Then, I would look at bringing us out of our poverty, homelessness, starvation, and to provide new jobs and support family businesses and not big cooperate giants that smother our freedom to have pride in ourselves. I use to see myself as a middle-income worker, and now I am considered at the bottom. Where is the sense of it? Give us better medical care instead of cutting the corners and saying this is not an emergency, unless you have broken bones, bleeding, or a heart attack, otherwise, you are not an emergency and no one will help you. Where are the good old doctors that use to care about helping a patient to recover and healing? If you think about helping a person to get better quickly and without as much cost, then by the time you turn them away, and they are going without care for weeks or days, then the bill gets higher because their condition gets worse. Fixing the problem should be the real issues. Was that not the real meaning of medicine? Now we talk about cutting out Medicare and they want to bury our elderly, before they get too old and need doctors. I may sound like what I am saying is kinda stark, but try getting medical care and you see the big picture. There is now a nightmare looming over the emergency care in hospitals around our country. America your people are crying us now before we have nothing left to take pride in!

Note to our elected**************
Steps to making life better..........
1. Be fair to Americans and provide stability
2. Stop borrowing money for causes not needed and look at helping your
own people first!
3. Give Americans pride to be Americans!!!!!
4. Make our lives better than poverty.
5. Cut our cost of medical care by healing our people not sending them away.
6. I do not know about you, but I loved my grandparents, and they loved me.


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