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Nail Technicians - Are You Silently Killing Your Profits?

Updated on September 12, 2017

Nail Technicians Are You Doing This?

Nail Technicians, Outside of practicing your nail art and nail application processes, there is 1 other key practice you need to implement into your nail business if you want to be successful. While this practice only make sense, a lot of nail techs are not doing this and it's resulting in long term slow sales, slow business, and slow cash flow.

I have a few Videos on You Tube and here's one of my You Tube vid's I have here for you! You'll hear what you should never do and what you should be doing with your time to make the most out of your workday.. Watch this video and you see why I say Time is Money!

Market Your Business for Success

Marketing=More Profit
Marketing=More Profit

How to Market Your Nail Technician Business

If you watched the video, then you see how not focusing on marketing your nail tech business can really do your business more harm than good.

The problem nail technicians face is knowing how to market their business for success. Nail tech's are not sure what they need to do to bring in clients, keep clients coming back and referring others consistently. As a result they suffer from slow sales and a salon that stays more empty than full.

Top Nail Technicians know how to bring in clients and generate income for their business month after month. You will see that they stay busy and/or their salon is always full. Is it because they have the best nail art designs? or is it because they know how to market their business?Top Nail Techs will tell you, you must know how to do both equally well.

It can be confusing to understand how to market your nail tech business, so I have put together a 6 Figure Nail Technician Boot Camp for those looking to take their business to the next level.

I'm showing how to: Make a 6 Figure income, Get clients, Keep them coming back, Create flier's and brochures that pull clients like crazy, how to do email marketing, and much more.

Visit my blog for more!

I wish you much success!

Candace Harrison


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    • 100ktrainer profile image

      100ktrainer 9 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope the information helps!

    • lafemmenails profile image

      lafemmenails 9 years ago

      Good advice, we have a lot of nail techs in the UK struggling due to the credit crunch.