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Moniker Domain Registrar Affiliate Program Review

Updated on October 18, 2009

Maybe Not a Scam, But Stay Away

As an affiliate marketer, I have promoted website hosting for a long time. But I found the hosting business to be more and more competitive, so my profits were shrinking big time. So I decided to move in other directions, especially since smart affiliate marketers know that one of the keys to success is having multiple streams of income - in other words, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Well, I needed a domain affiliate program and was attracted to Moniker domain registration services because it offered lifetime commissions.

Lifetime commissions are important because that means you will get paid on all subsequent purchases by your referrals instead of just the first purchase. It is not absolutely vital to choosing an affiliate program but certainly helps. Anyway, Moniker offers this lifetime commission plan for its affiliates. So I signed up and specifically referred my first customer and confirmed that he bought his new domain through Moniker. Yet, my commission never showed in my account.

Now, the first thing you need to know if you are new to affiliate marketing is that the tracking is not perfect. Sometimes, cookies will be blocked on the customer's computer. There are also some other technical things that could cause a sale to go uncredited to the affiliate. Also, it is at least possible that a referral can hijack your commissions, and there is no full-proof human way to stop this despite claims to the contrary. So instead of getting all angry, I just decided to email Moniker and see what they could see on their end.

Bear in mind that this was my first referral, and I need to check an affiiate program first to see if it's reliable before I go full scale with it. Well, I will not be going full scale with Moniker or referring any more traffic to them. Why not? Because I haven't even received an email response at all. It's one thing if a site like Moniker fails to track a commission from time to time. It's another thing to provide no customer support. Why? Because there can be a myriad of problems associated with tracking and affiliate programs. It's a two-way relationship, and if you are treated like a stranger instead of a partner, that is usually the sign of even more bad news.

Understand that I don't know what happened to this commission, and I don't have enough evidence to call Moniker or its affiliate program a scam, but I have enough evidence to give it a fat "F" for affiliate support. I work hard to build an affiliate business and will not be ignored when there is a legitimate problem. I suggest the same for everyone who reads this.

I have had several problems with different affiliate programs and even have one right now. You know what? The good program owners respond quickly and resolve your issues. It is true that some sites like Google have poor customer service, but those companies have earned trust by paying thousands of people and frankly don't have any sort of reputation for cheating people. I don't think Moniker has a specific relationship for cheating people, either. But I have seen grumblings lately on message boards that customer service was going downhill after a buyout.

Don't use Moniker's affiliate program. Your time is too valuable for people like this. I have never been ripped off in an affiliate program (to my knowledge) except by two other companies. Another program was late paying, but when I emailed them, they actually responded and sent me the $500 they owe me. So most affiliate programs won't rip you off, but the minute you start getting the runaround or no response to legitimate inquiries, it's time to find another program.


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    • boyjyoti profile image


      8 years ago

      Hey Jimmy, I suggest you try this one. Solves your problem as this is no affiliate program that depends on cookies. You sell everything from your own 'sub-site' and so can track your every customer and every detail of every deal that customer undergoes on 'your site' throughout your life.

      You will get a website like and you can have changes in your design and your seller pricing. No technical knowledge is required. Open to further questions...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I think I stick to Clickbank and Amazon. Thanks for the warning.

    • profile image

      Duchess OBlunt 

      9 years ago

      Thank you Jimmy. It's nice to learn from someone when something doesn't work well. It saves us all some time. I appreciate your candor, and letting us know about it.


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