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More Business Ideas - 1

Updated on May 8, 2011

If you’ve gone through the business ideas mentioned in the 20 part series “Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline” and you would like to look at some more ideas, please feel free to have a look at this next series “More Business Ideas”. For those of you who would like to check out the series “Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline”, please follow the link at the bottom of this page.

On with the next set of business ideas then....

Street Maps – Plenty of cities around the world already have maps placed at major junctions and bus stops all over the city. The interesting thing is that many cities and towns still don’t have these maps.

Normally these maps are just like any other normal map fitted into a secure glass or transparent plastic case erected on a metal stand in city corners and important busy locations. It does a world of good for tourists or new comers but is still very helpful for city dwellers when they come by a new locality.

It’s true most people have access to Google maps and GPS on mobile devices but there are plenty of times when people (especially tourists and first timers) could use a good old map. Obviously you wouldn’t charge people for using the maps but the metal stands can serve as good advertising boards. The best part is that once you get one of these stands set up, you really have to bother coming back only to change the advertisement banners every once in a while. This lets you have time to setup more such stands in different parts of the city, wherever people may need it. A truly passive source of income that you can multiply. You might even consider setting these maps up in other smaller towns if your city is already well serviced.

‘How-To’ information – Do you spend a lot of time researching all sorts of things on the net or in offline sources like magazines, newspapers, journals etc.? There are a lot of people who really don’t enjoy doing that kind of research. There are a lot of people who prefer to get the information they want, when they want it.

So here on the one hand we have a group of people who don’t like to search for information, and on the other hand we have you, someone who loves digging up all kinds of relevant information. What could be better if someone told you they would pay you for the service?

There are several ways you could consider running this venture. Let me mention three just to get your brain cells working to figure out several other ways to do this:

A website – One option that you have is to create a website that has a regular update of articles on “how to” do several tasks. Over time and consistent effort you would have developed a considerably large database of “how to “articles. If the articles are really informative and interesting you could be looking at good traffic which can be converted to revenue through ads or even affiliate income from third party “How to” eBooks.

Write an eBook – If setting up your own website is not something that interests you, you can always decide to write up an eBook and offer it for sale. An eBook with detailed well researched articles on how to get various things done should be in demand pretty much anytime. What’s more, you don’t even have to bother trying to sell the book. You could sign up at sites like where you can allow other affiliate marketers to do the marketing for you. All you need to do is offer the product and pocket the sales revenue after paying a commission to the affiliate marketer.

Interactive portal – another interesting model is to have a website that can act as an interactive portal for any “how to” questions anyone might have on any subject. A requestor may request for information on any topic and you (or your team) would respond to the requestor on the website after having done the research. Every “how to” question answered can be published on the website for anyone else how might have the same question. We must remember that the success of such an endeavour would depend largely on the speed, accuracy and detail with which you respond to queries. Quick response time can result in an interactive and engaging online experience for visitors generating good traffic which you can use for ad revenue or affiliate income generation.

More ideas to follow shortly.


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