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More Business Ideas - 2

Updated on May 10, 2011

The Restaurant Business – Have you ever dreamed of having your own restaurant? Maybe you like cooking. Maybe you like the idea of people meeting together and having a good time over a meal. Whatever you’re reasons for wanting to start a restaurant of your own, there are sure to be a whole lot of other people who are interested in the restaurant business irrespective of which city or town you come from. For some reason the business idea of an eatery is universally sought after. Many first time entrepreneurs dream of their first big business idea in the hospitality sector too.

There are many things that go into building a good restaurant like good customer service, good food, wide choice of food etc. But one particular aspect that never seems to go out of style is innovation. Now what do I mean by innovation? Well that would include ideas of creating an ambience in a restaurant reflective of the kind of food being offered. It’s quite common to have Arab clad waiters and chefs in an Arabic restaurant and staff wearing Indian attire in an Indian restaurant. Innovation goes further than that. You may need to pay attention to the type and style of a fork and spoon. You’re chairs and table and the rest of the furniture would need to blend into the entire theme. You could eliminate the need for waiters installing a touch enabled computer interface at each table to collect orders and deliver bills. The possibility of innovation is unlimited. The sad thing is that all of this costs money. The more exotic the ambience, the more you are likely to have to shell out to create and maintain it.

Just as in any other business the lack of immediate capital shouldn’t be the cause for abandoning a great idea. There are financial institutions out there who can consider such proposals if you are able to create a good detailed business plan demonstrating that you know what you are getting into. You can have a look at a sample business plan at

But before you actually go off and start your own restaurant, you could start on something a lot less expensive such as a small kitchen, even probably from your own home. There are plenty of people on the go, who may like the idea of grabbing a quick bite before they go to work. You could later consider delivering your food to them at their work places. You could also consider accepting small contracts for parties or other get-togethers. Once you feel you have a reasonable idea of what the business entails you could decide to open up your own restaurant. Be sure to get as much information as you can about the restaurant business before you dive in. The below link might help get you started.

Laundromat (preferably coin operated) – As more and more people migrate to the big cities for employment, education or even as tourists, there are bound to be people who would not want to spend money on getting their own washing machines, especially people who are likely to be around only for a short time such as tourist or students. What is more exciting is that there a lot of locations out there that could still use a Laundromat.

The success of this business depends a lot on the profile of people living in the area of the Laundromat. Temporary populations without access to washing facilities are your best bet. And what’s more, if your machines are coin operated, it truly becomes a passive income source. All you need to do is be around to get the periodic maintenance work done. The problem of course is the capital involved in this kind of a service. Here could consider renting the coin operated machines rather than buying them out. You could even consider setting up shop in a cheaper locality to reduce your shop rent and offer pick up and drop services for laundry to highly profitable neighbourhoods.

Again as mentioned in the case of starting a restaurant above, a good business plan presented to financial institutions and angel investors could get you that much needed capital.

And one very important point here. Considering there will be a lot of bored people waiting for their laundry to get done, you might consider providing them with internet kiosks, snack and drink vending machines, newspaper and magazine vending machines and renting out ad space within your shop to keep your customers occupied.


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