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More Fun Places To Make Money Online

Updated on August 12, 2010

More Fun Places To Make Money Online

Possibly one site for every potential Internet millionaire has already been published. Kind and generous rich folks such as Joe the Internet Millionaire provide books, tapes, books on tape, psychic readings and tasty Pomegranate recipes, all designed to guide us to unimaginable Internet Wealth.

Visit for a unique take on Internet wealth building. The site resembles a popular newspaper with headlines, articles, easily recognizable logos, and even a weather widget. Photographs of massive checks from massive companies such as Google are prominently displayed. Evidently someone is doing well with their AdSense.

Programming is well executed on this site. The 'headline' at the top of the homepage automatically adjusts to the location encoded in the IP address provided by your internet browser. Most web surfers use an Internet provider in their home town; expect to see a familiar city when you open the site.That's a nice touch.

Clicking on the "Make Money Here" link transports you to another site: This site gets down to business in a big hurry. Your contact information, including mailing address, telephone number, and email address, is necessary to obtain the Key to Internet Riches. Provide the data at your own risk.

The layout of the site is a trifle odd. It's one huge page with no links to anything but a Privacy Statement and a Disclaimer. The page is humongous (just like your Internet Earnings, perhaps) to the point where it doesn't fit on a 1024X768 display. After filling out the form, you actually have to scroll down to click the "Rush My Order!" Button. Nowhere on the page is the moneymaking scheme explained. You may be selling earthworms, used clothes, barbecue sauces, or all some combination of the three.

"100K" is slang for One Hundred Thousand. In this case, we assume that 100K dollars is implied. Perhaps we could obtain a 100K per hour job or a job that costs 100K to underwrite. Possibly we are in line for a 100K government grant to study how people work at home.

Unfortunately this site attacked us when we attempted to browse to it. Our browser, FireFox, intercepted the attack and advised us to surf in another direction. We did.

Our browser was suspicious of
Our browser was suspicious of

When the Internet was 'invented', smart computer scientists devised a set of TLD (Top Level Domain) names to segregate web sites into logical categories. "Com" was set aside for commercial sites, "edu" for educational institutions, "gov" for governmental sites, and "org" for non-profit organizations. This arrangement was informally enforced, but eventually the 'org' TLD was infiltrated by a wide variety of schemers and dreamers. No law is being broken by registering a 'org' web site, but keep in mind that the old rules no longer apply.

Michelle Owens is the internet persona behind She appears as a smiling female with a hip haircut (as far as we know). She must be successful, based on her grin and her coiffure. We trust her almost immediately.

Michelle talks directly to us from her home page. She tells a story of her lifelong desire to be rich without actually risking anything or leaving the house or anything like that. We learn that she has trudged through the plethora of Internet wealth-building web sites, to no avail. Her story offers a happy ending: she has discovered the secret to online moneymaking and she takes great delight in sharing such with us.

Eventually, if you read all the way to the bottom of the home page, you learn that Michelle endorses some manner of survey taking, the details of which she will share with you for about $34. She also feels good about something called The Home Employment Agency. Those folks earn 4 stars from her; we don't know how many stars she awarded to

Michelle Owens welcomes you to
Michelle Owens welcomes you to

Not everyone can be a Mom, but most of us know at least one Mom; feel free to continue reading.

Visit for up to the minute tips, tricks, and leads for Mothers who long to work at home. We thought Moms worked rather hard already, but perhaps the pay is not what they expected. This site provides articles such as "Teach Your Kids to Save Money" and "How Parents can Demonstrate Good Listening Skills."

Many leads are published on this site; they appear to be suited for Moms and non-Moms alike. Perhaps the opportunities require a strict application process that filters out applicants who have not served in a Motherly capacity.


Refer to the Internet for opportunities relating to making money on the Internet. Keep in mind that great riches also await those who venture away from their computer. You may be successful as an Internet marketer, Internet salesperson, Internet survey taker, Internet blogger, or Internet Pomegranate Affiliate Marketer, but Home Depot is also hiring.


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