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Most Rewarding Online Survey Sites For You

Updated on February 16, 2011

Surveys do pay


Like a lot of us out there, I have been trying to find a suitable way to earn a little income online.  Through a lot of errors and mistakes, I have managed to find a few good survey websites, which offer you quite generous rewards for your time. But don’t get too excited, when I said a little extra income, I really meant a little. There are quite a lot of scummy sites out there offering you all kinds of information about online surveys and they usually charge around 20$ or more for this info package and the they state that you would earn very good money and they promise you various rewards and bonuses, well, please think clearly and do not be foolish enough to buy into their hoax. I am going to tell you about best survey sites I have found online, that do pay you money, but unfortunately not enough to quit your day job,  despite this, they  are still worth joining. I personally think that you don’t have to pay a dime for any registration or info package or any other kind of foolishness, but the choice is yours, of course, in any case, you have been forewarned.  So, here are the sites that I really like;


Registration: The registration takes approximately 3 minutes, however, the more complete your profile is, the greater your chance of qualifying and being invited to take part in surveys. So, I would suggest spending 10 more minutes to fully update your profile. Average surveys take 12 -15 minutes to complete.

Rewards: HonestRewards pay cash for every survey you take, the longer the survey, the more cash you will be credited. 5 min survey pays 0.50£, 10 min survey pays 1.00£, 20 min survey pays 2.00£, 30 min survey pays 3.00£+, 1h survey pays 6.00£+ and even if you are screened out you receive 0.08£. If your profile is selected for a face-to-face focus group, the pay varies from 40£ – 80£. You can be selected for different product testing, and at the end you can keep the product, recent tests include I-phone and I-pad. If you refer a friend and they sign up, both of you are entered into the monthly prize draw to win a number of £20 vouchers for leading high street stores including Debenhams, M+S and John Lewis. (The number of winners is dependent on the number of referrals made in the month)

My experience: I joined HonestRewards few days ago and I have received two surveys so far which paid me 4.00£ in total, so I think the site is quite good. When my account balance will reach 15£ I will be able to withdraw my money via PayPal or via check.


Registration: The registration is quite quick 2 – 3 minutes. The profile surveys (17 in total) might take you longer, approximately 20 minutes to fill in, but every profile survey gives you 200 points and when you complete all of them you get additional 2000 points. Average survey completion time on this site is 15 – 20 minutes.

Rewards: You get on average 2000 points for every survey you take, and when you have saved enough you are able to redeem them for various vouchers (Amazon, Debenhams, HMV, Halfords, CDWOW, love2shop and Thefirstclub). If you get screened out, you automatically receive 1 prize draw entry. You can register for product testing as well, and you can keep the product afterwards, recent tests include 3D Samsung Plasma TV and New Kenwood blender. In addition, you can earn points with various quick votes, short surveys and polls; points for these range from 20 – 80.

My experience: I joined this site recently and I must admit I receive a lot of survey invites every day, the only thing is I get screened out a lot, so I have saved up quite a lot of prize draw entries. Despite all that, there are always one or two surveys during the day that I do qualify for, so on average I earn 3000 – 4000 points a day. To get the 15£ vouchers I have to save 60 000 – 80 000 points, so I think the target is achievable in around 2 weeks. So far I have 12 000 points in my account and I’m well on my way to get those vouchers.


Registration: The registration takes 3 – 4 minutes to complete. Afterwards there are 8 profile surveys to complete, but they are relatively short and shouldn’t consume too much time. I would suggest completing them, because that way you will be invited to more surveys.

Rewards: Well, you will be happy to know that this site pays you cash for every survey you complete. Not exactly a goldmine, but quite respectable. The points for every survey range from 15 – 200, and when you reach 1000 points, you can claim it as 50$ check. A lot of surveys enter you in the Daily and Quarterly sweepstakes, if you are lucky enough to win, the awards range from 300$ - 5000$.

My experience: Well, I joined a little while ago, and I do get quite a lot of survey invites, but they are not very generous with market points and there are few no qualifiers. I do think it will take me a while to get to that 50$ mark, but I like the site and surveys are quite interesting, so it’s definitely worth sticking to.


Registration: The registration is very quick, maybe 2 minutes and, guess what, you don’t have to fill out lengthy profile surveys. On this site, survey time varies; it can be as short as 5 minutes and as long as 30 minutes.

Rewards: This site pays cash for every survey you complete, but the difference is that even a short survey can pay you as much as 2£, so it’s not about the length of the survey on Vivatic. In addition to that, you can earn money writing articles, reviews, blog posts, data entry and proof reading. A lot of options and a great reward system. Completing surveys also entitles you to receive free samples, gift vouchers and entry into competitions.

My experience: I love the site very much, the only thing, why I put this site as my fourth favorite is that at the moment the writing test was disabled, due to the high number of participants. But when it’s enabled, and if I pass it, then I will be offered other jobs, like writing articles, reviews and blogs, not only surveys. However, I have completed only two surveys and already earned 2£, so this site is definitely worth the effort.


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    • profile image

      Rick Keller 3 years ago

      I want to join

    • freelanceinfo profile image

      Sha 3 years ago

      Thanks for providing the useful information on survey sites online that pay. I have joined several surveys sites, but I have not been that active on these sites yet. Many people earn nice extra cash from doing online surveys. They must be lucky to earn money doing something that takes hardly 2 to 10 minutes or so. Good hub, thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Jon Redman 5 years ago

      Honest Rewards has grown much bigger now and surveys are few and far between.

      My favorite is

    • Mala Srivastava profile image

      Mala Srivastava 5 years ago from India

      Thanks for sharing such useful information. I was not aware of some of the survey sites mentioned here.