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Top 5 high paying technical jobs in software companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. Highly paid jobs

Updated on November 26, 2011

Nearly one in four young professionals wants to work at Apple, Facebook, Google or Microsoft. Not only because if you work in Facebook you can spent most of the time in Facebook, the pay is also very high. In addition,you will also get few shares of the companies for free.

Here are the list of most highly paid jobs in software companies (data : sep 2011)

1. IT management: average salary is $112,000

2. Information Architects: average salary is $111,000

3. Project Manager gets an average of $100,143

4. Security Analyst/Engineer gets an average salary of $89,620

5. Software Engineer get an average of $89,419

As you see, it is not software engineers who are paid the most.Hence, it is very important to mention the title of the job you are applying for and select it carefully.

Also, the there is huge difference is salary between Silicon valley to Huston for the same position. In US, the highest salary for technical job is paid in Silicon(average of $99,000). The second highest salary is paid in Washington D.C and Baltomore (avg $89,149). This is followed by New York, Boston, Seattle, San Diago,Los Angles and Huston(avg. $83,625). As you see, there is around $15,000 difference in average salary between Silicon valley and Huston.Hence it is so important where you apply for the job inorder to get the best salary/pay.

High demand skills

Skills in Android OS is in most highly demand (302%) followed by cloud computing and iphone (220%), knowledge in java script is the third skill in most demand.

Among the non-software engineering positions, sales and adminstrative positions have the largest number of openings. engineering operations and management has the second most in demand jobs . The above companies receive more than a million applications per year for software engineering positions, while the hiring per year is only between 1000- 4000. Facebook look for people who couldbuild things, whether they’re apps or organizations. You ought to have a reference from an existing Appler in order to get into Apple.

Getting a job in Apple is not very easy
Getting a job in Apple is not very easy | Source


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