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Motivation For Success - 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Updated on June 19, 2017

Keep Yourself Motivated For Success

When you build a business that you have invested so much money on, you are not going to quit at the slightest difficulty. You are going to keep going and do your best to succeed because there is so much at stake.

But when you build an online business from scratch, without any monetary investment, it is much easier to get discouraged, quit, and abandon the business.

That is perhaps why so many fail at online businesses, and that it why it is very important to be motivated at all times – motivation is the key.

To put it very simply, motivation means the general desire or willingness to do something.

So when you take up a new venture, say for example an online business that you are starting, make sure that you are motivated enough to see it through to success.

How do you keep motivated? Here are a 10 ways to keep the motivation alive:

1. Take It Seriously

Up until today, you’ve been dabbling into online businesses but you’re never serious about it. It’s easy to register in an online training and easy to drop out. You have not achieved anything because you thought you have nothing to lose.

Wrong! You lost time and your effort. Then you start with another online program. After a year, you have nothing to show for the time and effort that you spent on so many programs.

Once and for all, decide to make it happen. Take your desire to succeed online seriously. Get started. Find a program that is worth your time and effort and give it your all. Stop fooling around.

2. Formulate a Plan

We can never overemphasize the importance of planning when it comes to business, both online and offline.

You have to be clear about your short-term and long-term goals in order to have a clear understanding of the direction that you want your business to take.

Formulate a plan which is flexible enough to adapt to any change in your personal or economic situation.

3. Develop a Routine

Getting started is always the hardest part of any venture. This is why you must start your day with a good morning routine to help you become mentally and physically alert and focused. Getting into a routine can help you develop new habits. Make it a part of your routine to review and refine your plan.

4. Be Good To Yourself

When you become an online entrepreneur, you may be so focused on your business that you might forget to take care of yourself. It is very important to set aside a time for yourself, take a walk, eat healthy, and get plenty of rest. Health is wealth. It’s not right to gain wealth only to spend it trying to save your declining health.

Treat yourself nicely. Talk nice to yourself. Practice positive self-talk. Tell yourself, “I can do this. I am good at this.” Believe in yourself.

5. Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself for a job well done is one of the most fun ways to motivate yourself . Choose to reward yourself with something that you really enjoy but not something that can set you back from your goals.

For example, this week you have created and published five posts on your site and you feel that you have really worked hard to create those content. Then you think you are going to reward yourself by taking a break from creating content the next week. Not a good reward! Perhaps a good movie or reading that book that you have been putting aside for some time, or perhaps reward yourself with a special dinner.

6. Surround Yourself With The Right People

Want to succeed in life? Then surround yourself with the right people. Who are the right people? People who are positive thinkers, people who have goals and plans. Be with people who are winners, not whiners.

Get away from negative people. Places where the experts congregate is a good place to be so you become inspired by them, learn from them, and most of all, get help from them.

7. Engage Your Friends

Your friends can help to motivate you to achieve your goals. Allowing your friends to help you can increase your chances of success. They can encourage you, offer their support and give you advice that can really motivate you especially when the going gets tough.

When we say engage your friends, it means real friends who love to see you succeed. Be wary of friends who want to see you fail. Of course, they are not real friends.

8. Get Into Inspirational Activities

Find time to do something that can give you inspiration. Watch an inspirational movie or TV show. Listen to inspirational CDs or podcasts. Watch a TED Talk on your free time. Engage in activities that can inspire you to keep going.

9. Be Positive

When people say “be positive” I feel that it does not hold meaning anymore. People say this for want of something to say especially when you are experiencing a negative issue in your life.

But this phrase no matter how trite has a big effect on every one’s life. Being positive impacts your overall health: physical, mental, emotional health. Positive people are happier and less-stressed. When you are happy, you become more motivated to act on your plans and your goals.

10. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is not only important for good health but also in maintaining motivation. Accordingly, when a person lacks sleep, the motivation of that person drops.

There is no question that when you lack sleep, your productivity drops, and your motivation to work on anything also drops.

Motivation is that internal impulse that helps you to complete an action. Without motivation, it is a bit hard to see action. It is motivation that causes you to energetically search for resources to help you achieve success.


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