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How to use motivation as a tool toward becoming successful!

Updated on January 10, 2017

Motivation is described as the desire to do things. Most of us want to do great things in this life, we want to contribute something new into the world and make a difference. Be innovative. The only problem is, sometimes we lack motivation to ACTUALLY do it. We let the lazy side of ourselves take over, or we might even think we're too "dumb" to actually be successful. First of all, you're not dumb and second of all, you CAN do it. When you put your mind towards something, anything is possible. That is why motivation is key towards making progress and reaching your goals. Here are some tips to help!


Don't Let Your Failures Define You

We all fail. It's a part of life. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. When I fail I don't immediately jump for joy, but I try not to get too upset about it either. Say you're running and you fall down. Are you going to get up and start again, or are you just going to kind of lay there and hope someone helps you up along the way? You're going to get up because you still have a destination to reach. You have a GOAL. When you fail, you learn something from it and you move on. Just because you failed once or twice doesn't mean you're a failure. It just means your strategy didn't work. Fortunately, there is always room for improving and if you keep running, you will eventually reach your destination. Don't let the fear of falling scare you.


Shade Out The Haters

One thing I absolutely despise is people who try to get in the way of someone's goals. Whenever someone would say something rude about my ideas in the past, my motivation would slowly deteriorate. I would start to believe what they were telling me. I told myself it was stupid, it would never work, and suddenly R.I.P to all my ideas ever. If you have someone in your life that is constantly being a negative Nelly, cut them out. All they do is lower your motivation and drive to get to where you want to be. Always remember, success is the best revenge.

Take It One Step At A Time

Once you get one idea in your head, pretty soon others start to flow in as well. It's important to set one goal at a time so you don't get ahead of yourself. For example, say you want to start a business selling some cool new formula of hairspray that you think works better than all the others on the market. All of a sudden, you get ideas for other hairspray products to accompany it. Well, it's great that you are generating new ideas, but you don't even know if that one hairspray product you had in the beginning is even going to sell well. You would probably have to do some market testing in order to see how good your product really is, but the point of this example is that you should stick to one thing at a time. Then, if that one idea you had was successful, you can expand. If not, it's back to the drawing board. I have seen too many times people who get really excited about their ideas that they expand it way too fast and it ends up being a catastrophe (I watch SharkTank a little too much).

Do Things That MAKE You Feel Motivated

My favorite thing to do to get motivated is read other people's success stories. The one I have recently read is #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. If you don't know who she is, she founded the brand Nasty Gal which is a clothing company accessible in stores and online. In the book she talks about everything she went through to get to where she is. I think the most amazing thing about her is that she didn't even go to college! This definitely proves you don't have to be from a "good" family to become wealthy and successful. I linked the book so you can buy it on Amazon because it's definitely a good read (And I usually hate reading books).

Another thing that makes me feel motivated is listening to fast pace music. If you're older you might know it as the "bat crazy rap shit" or you know, something similar to that. But honestly, it improves my mood so much. It makes you feel like a boss ass bitch (excuse my vulgar language throughout this part of the article). It makes you feel like you can do anything (probably due to the release of dopamine). Anyhow, definitely a good way to get some energy in you.

Another surprisingly way to get motivated is to eat clean. By this I mean eating healthy raw fruits and veggies. Raw because when you cook them they lose some of their nutrients. All that sugar/salt/fat intake from chips,pop, and juice is just going to make you feel like a lazy slug. Taking a multi-vitamin might not be a bad idea either if you feel you are lacking some or just want to ensure you get all the nutrients you need. I was forced to start taking a multi-vitamin after my severe vitamin D and Iron deficiency and it has made me feel a whole lot better.

So go read some inspirational success stories, and blast some music whilst eating a carrot or something!

Time Doesn't Stand Still, Neither Should You

Sometimes it feels like we've just hit a brick wall. We were doing so good and then all of a sudden, boom. Nothing. A lot of times people lose their motivation when they can't fill a blank. They then quit. They missed what could have been.


There is so much potential in each of us, even if you don't realize it yet. We were all meant to do amazing things. What would be the point of this life if the sole purpose was just to breathe and take up space without changing anything? There probably wouldn't be one. You change lives everyday just by things like smiling as you pass by a stranger or simply giving a compliment to someone. So, why would you think you can't change the world as a whole? Just believe in yourself. You can do it. Keep at it, work hard, and don't stop. After all, time doesn't.


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    • Mercedesmedlin profile image

      Mercedesmedlin 2 years ago

      I agree, thanks for checking out my hub!

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Great advice we all should live by!