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Motivation and Productivity: The Keys to Self-Governance in the Workplace

Updated on May 23, 2017

You are being less than productive when you are less than an hour away from the deadline and you have nearly a half day of orders to fill. You are being less than productive when you keep getting up for coffee every 5 minutes and looking at the clock.

But it happens to us all. It doesn’t matter if we have our own business. Sometimes we just fall into a motivational crisis which is hard to escape.

However, a constant lack of motivation will put the success of your business in danger of being left behind by the competition and abandoned by customers. You must discover the reason for the loss of motivation and make a mental adjustment.

What to do When You’re Not Motivated

The first thing you must do is structure your day in such a way that everything operates with optimal effectiveness and efficiency. A well-structured day means that you have a schedule and a determination not to get distracted by anything or anyone until your day is completed.

When you feel a sense of procrastination attempting to stop your productivity, you can apply the following strategies to regain high motivation.

Keep the Vision in Mind

When a lack of motivation attack you, think of your vision and the ideal situation you desire to be in 4 or 5 years from now. By remembering your initial purpose for starting a business you can refresh your outlook and regain motivation.

Organize Your Workplace

Walking into an office full of scattered documents and dirty floors are very de-motivating. Our emotions are usually influenced by the environment in which we are dwelling. If we walk into a clean well-lighted place, we gain a sense of clarity and energy.

Avoid working in a messy office space. Put everything in its proper place so that it can be easily retrieved if needed.

Knowing where things are without having to search for them will go a long way toward preventing the frustrated of losing and searching for important files and documents.

Assessing Your Motivation & Productivity

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Readjust your planning

Take a good look at all your planning. Can you add a new touch to it? Maybe you can take an innovative approach to marketing, especially if your products and services are not doing well from a competitive stand point.

If you adjust your marketing plan and see superior results, you will feel reenergized and your motivation will increase.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Health plays a very significant role in motivation. If you exercise, eat healthy food and get sufficient sleep you will awake in the morning with tons of energy, enough energy to work through the entire day without becoming exhausted.

When you feel, tired and exhausted it is hard to possess the high motivation required for maximum productivity.

Reward Your Self

Don’t take a good week of work for granted. Reward yourself for being highly productive. Go to the beach and relax or go on a mini-weekend vacation. When you forget about the workplace for a while and do something fun and exciting, you further renew your enthusiasm for the job.

Connect with Others

Networking is the process of reaching out to those in your own industry. Check out online forums, webinars, message boards and chat groups.

Realizing that others are going thought some of the same struggles you are facing will encourage and motivate you to appreciate your business.

Listen to Motivational Resources

Go to your local library or bookstore and obtained a collection of motivation books, DVD’s, CDs and videos.

Going to bed and awakening each morning to motivational speeches and songs will go a long way in impacting our lives and affairs.

Our motivational teachers empower us to overcome the spirit of procrastination, especially when we listen repeatedly to their words and songs.

The Bottom Line

Strong motivation is the hallmark of great productivity. We must continually remind ourselves of why we even opened a small business. Our vision and purpose must always stay in our minds and heart. We must write down our vision and purpose on a piece of paper and paste it where we can see it day and night.

Once we understand how to empower ourselves to take charge of our ability to consistently produce the type of work envied by our competitors, our motivation to achieve eventually will become unstoppable.


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