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Updated on September 20, 2015

What is motivation?

Motivation is key that unlocks the greatness that is inside all of us. Without motivation we would not have colonized 96% of the landmass on the Earth. We would not have become the apex predator for the entire animal kingdom's food chain and we certainly would not have put men on the moon.

Many of you reading may think that you have motivation and just because you can get up in the morning your motivated. When I say motivation, what I really mean is what's your goal? Where is it that you want to be and what are you doing to get there? If you do not have an answer to those questions then you do not have motivation.

The mind is a battleground

T.D Jakes once said "The mind is a battleground. It is where the most conflict is". Many of you reading this will have more issues in your mind than you do in your wallet. Have you ever come home from work, sat down and the first thing you did was sigh? That sigh is the sum of your day's frustration as well as your anguish because you didn't do what you wanted to do and now you don't have the motivation to get back up, walk out that door and do it. The fight you have to fight is in your mind and until you win that war, you will never be free.

The only way you will successfully win the war in your mind is to be positive. You become who you associate with so unless you get rid of the losers in your life, they will drag you down and your mind will keep you there. People who are achieving their dreams only associate with positive individuals. Why? Because they are the people that make things happen and they are the ones who understand that if things need to be better it is up to them to make it happen.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change.

Change drives motivation

E.T the hip hop preacher talks a lot about motivation and he explains it in this way. What happens to the gazelle when the lion stops chasing it? What happens is nothing. Nothing happens, because when the lion stops chasing the gazelle, it stops running. If you are a gazelle then you need to find that external motivation to get you moving. If you are a gazelle you tread lightly around the other people in your life so as not to disrupt them. Whereas, If you are a lion then you find your own motivation because if a lion doesn't chase, it does not eat. If a lion does not mate, it does not continue its legacy. If a lion does not protect his territory, then some other beast is going to take what he owns.

Some of you reading this may relate more to the gazelle than the lion. "I cannot go to the gym today because I have to visit my friends. I cannot go for that promotion because there are others going for it that are better than me. I cannot get a girlfriend/boyfriend because I am not attractive enough. I cannot lose weight because I don't have the time to cook healthy food". If that is you then you don't have motivation.

Benjamin Franklin said "If you do tomorrow what you did today, you will get tomorrow what you got today". To get motivation when you have none; something has to change. You can change you mind, your lifestyle, your job or even your clothes, but something has to change. I want you to think about the things in your life that you could change today that will make you a better person. It could be something as simple as riding your bike to work tomorrow instead of driving a car. I promise that if you make 1 change for tomorrow, you will wake up feeling fresh, excited and motivated to try something new.

Find your meaning to life

I may have been too harsh early on by saying if you don't do this or have that then you do not have motivation because actually, getting motivation is the easy part. It is very easy to get motivation, the hard part comes in trying to keep it. Keeping motivation is the hardest thing in your life because we all get knocked down at some point. There are times in life when we get knocked down and we don't think that we can get up again. The difference between being a champion and a loser is that champions fail, losers failed. You will always fail in life but as long as you pick yourself up and take another leap of faith you will win eventually. If you give up after a failure then your dream dies there and you will never become who you want to become, so you may as well take the chance at another run. So what if you lost all your money when you tried to start a business, get back up and try again, as long as you learned from your mistakes you will do better the next time.

Think Forward

Steve Jobs said in one of his last speeches, "you cannot connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards". You need to look at your life as it is right now, then look at how you got here and what you can do to make it better. When you have that goal in your mind and you become obsessed with it, doors start to open around you to make it happen. It all starts with a dream and the motivation will stick around as long as you follow that dream.

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