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Success Begins With Readiness

Updated on March 11, 2013

Be Ready For Anything

The best thing in life to be ready for is sex. Think about it, if you're always ready then you won't miss out on any spontaneity. Believe me after so many years on this planet I can tell you that, that's important.

To succeed at anything you have to be ready for an opportunity when it comes along. Endeavors that prepare you for the chance you need to achieve something, need to be at the top of your daily "to-do" list. Everything you do should move you closer to the end you seek. It may be that you need to eat a balanced, low calorie, nutritious meal at least three times a day. It may be that you have to take cholesterol medication, or get you kidneys flushed several times a week. It may just be a good night's sleep, lots of water and some vitamins, fresh air, and a nice walk a few times a week. Of course check with your doctor before changing your diet and exercise routine. The point is you have to do anything you can to get ready for what may be your only chance at reaching your goal. Of being whatever you deem successful.

You might need a night course to move up the ladder. You might even need a college degree or some sort to do what you want to do. Well then? It's one chapter, one book, one class, one semester all making up a total of four years. What else are you doing to be in a position to be successful doing, being, achieving, or acquiring what you want. If you don't have four years, there are plenty of trade schools for very specific interests, and plenty that will prepare you for just about anything. You could go for a year or less. Two years, or three years. It just might be a way of getting that hobby or vocation you've been thinking about, off the drafting table. It would definitely be a way of being prepared for more than you are now.

It could turn out that you need some kind of rehabilitation before you're really ready to do anything or succeed at any goal. If you need physical therapy, or mental health counseling, or something of that nature, get it. Knock everything off your list that you can as soon as you can. You always want to leave yourself open for that time when everything's right and you take your leap toward everything you've always wanted. Anything is possible.
Having children that you take care of everyday can be a time consuming effort. It can also be something that makes you believe that you can't change anything because you have no time. In that case you need to think about how you're using the time you've got. Then see if there's a way you can share child care with friends do it Or, if you can, a nanny or a child center may be what you need. At least if you had a babysitter come in for a certain number of hours per week you could pursue whatever you need to, to be successful

Another thing that you may overlook when it comes to success, is how you're getting along with your life partner. If things have been going well for a good amount of time then you'r out of the forest. If not you may be wandering not knowing where you've been, or where you're going. This is an uncomfortable feeling. It would be nice if somehow you could work on things between you and your mate so he or she understands what success means to you. And, so that they know what you need to do to achieve it.

So if you have your physical and mental needs met as well as your nutrition and exercise routine worked out, you're off to a good start at success. Then if you educated yourself on the intricacies that make up your goal, and take care of any workable problems that you have you're set to succeed at anything you choose.


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    • Tori Warren profile image

      Tori Warren 5 years ago from Escondido California

      I loved it, very motivational!!