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The Best Motivational Quotes for Job Seekers

Updated on April 8, 2017
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I'm a business communications coach who teaches writing, speaking, and leadership skills to adults in the midst of a career change.

If you're on the hunt for a new job, let these motivational quotes and words of wisdom lift you up along the way.

How dob you keep your spirits up when you are looking for a job?

Uplift your spirit with these motivational quotes while you look for work.
Uplift your spirit with these motivational quotes while you look for work.

You grow up the day you have the first real laugh at yourself.

— Ethel Barrymore

Laugh at yourself. Everyone has a weakness---something that no matter how hard they try to do that one thing, it always ends up being a disaster. Even the world’s most successful people have weakness. So instead of trying to deny your weaknesses, just admit that you are human, have a good laugh at yourself and then move on.

Self-suggestion makes you master of yourself.

— W. Clement Stone

Be nice to yourself. That’s right—if you want improve your chances of finding your dream job, you need to set yourself up for success. Start paying attention to your self-talk. Is it positive and affirming, or is it negative and disparaging? The way you talk to yourself is like a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you keep telling yourself that your goals aren’t worthwhile and that you’ll never make your career dreams come true, the Universe will be only too happy to confirm your suspicions. One the other hand, if you can pay attention to your mental chatter and try to think more positively, the Universe will be just as likely to steer you in the right direction. Don't underestimate the power of suggestion to help you reach your career goals!

The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.

— Arnold H. Glasow

Be patient. To land the job of your dreams, be prepared to put in many hours to reach your goal. Malcolm Gladwell suggested that it takes about 10,000 hours of ‘practice’ as an amateur to become an expert. In his groundbreaking book The Outliers, Gladwell suggests that it was Bill Gates’ dedication to programming that make him the world-renowned expert and success story that he is today. Gates put in thousands of hours in a computer lab at university before launching what is arguably on of the most successful companies in the world. Are you will to put in 10,000 hours of practive in order to achieve your goal?

Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

— Russell Simmons

Keep good company. If you want to improve your chances of finding your dream job, surround yourself with people who have either landed their dream job already or who are working towards finding it, just like you. Invite the people you know who have been successful in finding work that they love out for coffee. Tell them what your goals are and that you admire their accomplishment. Ask them if they have any tips on how to find a dream job.

Surround yourself with people who have a positive attitude and who believe that you can achieve your careers goals too. Steer clear of people who are competitive, negative, or jealous. The truly successful people in life are the ones who believe in abundance. They’re not threatened by other people’s success; in fact, they take great joy in seeing other people do well.

Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.

— Friedrich Nietzsche
Can you still see the goal ahead of you? Maybe it's time to rec-consider the path you are taking rather than the goal you are seeking.
Can you still see the goal ahead of you? Maybe it's time to rec-consider the path you are taking rather than the goal you are seeking.

Don’t get so fixated on your path that you lose sight of your goal. Be flexible and open-minded when it come to finding your dream job. Don’t get so hung up on your plan that you are afraid to revise it. Revise your career goals as necessary.

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'What's in it for me?'

— Brian Tracy
Reaching the top is much more enjoyable when you're part of a team!
Reaching the top is much more enjoyable when you're part of a team!

Do what you can to help others find their dream job. While you are building a network of support to help you achieve your career goals, pay it forward and help someone else find work that is fulfilling and satisfying.

When you are grateful - when you can see what you have - you unlock blessings to flow in your life.

— Suze Orman

Express gratitude. It's important to take a breather once in a while to stop and appreciate all the blessings, big or small, in your life already! Give yourself a pat on the back every once in a while. Yes, landing your dream job is the ultimate reward, but you should also be celebrating important milestones and accomplishments along the way.

© 2016 Sally Hayes


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  • kenneth avery profile image

    Kenneth Avery 7 weeks ago from Hamilton, Alabama

    Amazing hub with many vital and valuable advice to not only help improve oneself, but also to help focus themselves and build a positive image for interviewing for a new job.

    Keep up the positive work.

  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 16 months ago from Hamburg, New York

    This is great advice for all aspects of life not just finding a job.

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