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Updated on November 6, 2010

Entrusting everything you own to movers is a scary thing to do but it really does not have to be if you find the right movers. Choosing a moving company is an important decision and just like with any important decision you do not want to make the decision hastily. You will want to do your homework on moving companies and find out which one will work best for your needs, and most of all, which one will be able to put your mind at ease.

The first part of your search for the perfect movers should be to ask those you know about their moving experiences and if they have any recommendations. Hopefully, you will get some company names from friends and family to research further. Once you have that short list in hand, take a look at their websites to find which ones offer the services you need. While you are online, another option for you is to review sites dedicated to reviewing movers. Here you will find glowing reviews on some companies and scathing reviews on others, both of which are extremely useful.

When you have several movers that have great reviews and seem to offer the services you need, it is time to contact a few for estimates for your move. Here is where you will want to be extra careful in your search. Price for moving can become complicated, so you want to make sure that you completely understand everything when it comes to the price of your move. If you are confused by anything, do not hesitate ask questions until everything is clear.

There is a lot to consider when trying to pick the right movers and this is why you should start the process well in advance of your actual moving date. It is never too early to begin planning you move, so start researching and contacting movers as soon as 6 to 8 weeks before the big day. This will give you plenty of time to make an unhurried and informed decision.


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