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Mud Engineer Salary

Updated on January 16, 2015

Salaries for Mud Engineers

Results from a recent survey show that Mud Engineers have one of the most desired jobs in the drilling industry. So what is it about this little known specialty that inspires so much admiration? To answer this, we will start by describing what Mud Engineers do in the field. After listing some of their work duties, we will then review typical Mud Engineer salaries. And once we know a bit about their job and its key benefits, we will finally go over their standard entry level requirements. If you are looking for a new career that is both exciting and high paying ($75,000+), why not consider becoming a Mud Engineer? To learn more about the job and current opportunities, continue down the following page. (Entry level salaries for Mud Engineers are currently on the rise, especially in states like Texas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota.)

• How to become a Mud Engineer...


Work Description

Widely respected for their technical expertise, Mud Engineers have the most prized job in drilling fluids. Since they are trained specialists, benefits of the job include things like; limited supervision, freedom from physical labor, and opportunities for advancement. Along with these benefits come certain responsibilities. The main responsibility of a Mud Engineer is to manage drilling fluid successfully at one or more drilling rigs. To do this, they test drilling fluid with a special set of equipment that helps them determine how it should be treated. Ultimately, Mud Engineers are provided with guidelines to follow, which makes it easier to treat drilling fluid while out in the field. And with the number of new oil rig jobs steadily rising, their special set of skills are sure to be in top demand.

Salaries and Benefits

Mud Engineer Salaries can vary across the industry, but averages total close to $75,000 per year. Of the different pay schedules found out in the field, we will take a look at two that are the most common.

  • Mud Engineers – Although they are usually hired to service one area, companies can fly Mud Engineers to different locations. Since they are valuable assets out in the field, Mud Engineers typically receive benefits like; health insurance, work trucks, and bonuses for over-time. When paid, a Mud Engineer’s earnings include day rates and base salaries, both of which scale up with experience. Day rates are earned every time that they visit a rig while base salaries are collected even if no work is done. Earnings for those without industry experience can total $68,000 for their first year and rise quickly thereafter.
  • Consultants – Working as freelancers or hired hands, consultants contract work with a variety of different companies. Since they tend to go where they are most needed, consultants normally make much more than other Mud Engineers. In fact, $800 day rates have been regularly reported and this is without adding in their per diem allowance. A per diem is additional money Mud Engineers earn even though it is meant to pay for things like meals and lodging. In all, consultants can make $100,000 or more if they keep themselves busy and invest in their skills.

Job Requirements

To be qualified to work as a Mud Engineer you must first complete a training course known as Mud School. Since Mud Schools normally have a limited number of seats, it is often best to plan ahead. To learn more about the training and all that is involved, try clicking on this link and visiting Their accelerated one month courses are known to train entry level Mud Engineers.

Learn more about mud engineer jobs by clicking on the link below. Opportunities to enter the field are growing and it is an excellent time to get started in the industry.

Mud Engineer Jobs -

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