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Multi Gas Detector Product and Installation Service

Updated on June 30, 2019

The Importance of Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are a common staple in houses but it might be the perfect time for gas detectors to find their way into your house as well. Unsuspecting and silent gas can easily seep into rooms and form into poison inhabitants or worse, fuel a fatal explosion. Having a multi gas detector installed will help a lot on mitigating this danger by sounding an alarm way before actual harm takes place.

Similar with smoke alarms, multi gas detectors or sensors work through sniffing out any leaking material, specifically gas in this case, and sound a visual or audible alarm once levels reach a particular threshold. You can choose from models which combine both visual and audible signals for better effect.

Just like your good old smoke detectors, various technologies are also used for creating the most effective and efficient gas sensors. These sensors have the ability to detect different types of gases, primarily toxic and combustible gases.

So, how do these multi gas detectors work?

Detecting Toxic Gases

There are two mechanisms used for detection of toxic gases, namely metal oxide semiconductors and electrochemical reactions.

With the electrochemical sensor, the electrochemical reaction takes place once the sensor comes into contact with toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide. This is when the alarm is triggered. Meanwhile, for the metal oxide semiconductors, the film sensitive to gas will trigger the alarm. The film is often tungsten or tin oxide which reacts with toxic gas to alter the resistance. MOS or metal oxide semiconductors are inexpensive and not accurate at all. Still, they are used at least in conjunction with some kinds of detectors.

Detecting Combustible Gases

Once installed to detect combustible gases, its detecting mechanism works with the use of either one of the two triggers, which include infrared or catalytic oxidation. Both are reliable particularly now with the technology that’s fine-tuned. But, for best results, it is always important to combine some kinds of detectors, particularly in the environments where gas leak’s threat is high.

In detectors that rely on catalytic oxidation, the sensors use a platinum-treated wire coil, which becomes oxidized when the combustible gas may come in contact. The buildup of heat changes the wiring resistance to the point where alarm is sounded. With the infrared sensors, the mechanism detects particular kinds of vapor with the use of light transmitters and receivers.

The market is full with all models and makes of gas detectors, yet you will come across two variants, which are permanent and portable. The portable detectors are small, typically hand-held devices, which detect gas on the carrier. They also inspect immediate surroundings. The permanent ones are big and far more powerful as they are the ones you would pick when searching for a sensor to install in your office or at home.

Gas detectors are crucial like the smoke detectors and can be used for residential properties to detect the combustible gases. These ensure safety from deadly explosions. So, install a multi gas detector now.

© 2019 Milla Richardson


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    • Larry Slawson profile image

      Larry Slawson 

      9 months ago from North Carolina

      Good advice. Thank you for sharing!


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