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Multi-Location Management - Part 3

Updated on March 20, 2011

You need to create a forum where the key personnel of your organization can meet and discuss administrative issues that impact both the company and the industry. This forum can occur monthly or quarterly (the more frequent the better). Be sure to create a relaxed and open environment that will encourage people to share their opinions and seek those of others. Use this leadership forum to role-play implementation of policies and procedures with staff and customers, discuss legislation that impacts your field, expand upon the knowledge of the professionals in your organization, and finally, to empathize with and encourage each other.

These are some tools to assist you in completing your job with more vitality and less stress. As you continue your journey down the road of multi-site management, remember that with each new day comes a new to-do list and its content will determine your productivity.

Poor delegation is a common problem for managers and supervisors. This checklist will help you. Evaluate your abilities to ask for help and identify if you need to delegate more frequently.

N = Never, R = Rarely, O = Occasionally, F = Frequently, A = Always

_____ A. When I come back from a trip or vacation, the in-box is too full.

_____ B. I am still handling activities and problems that I did before my promotion.

_____ C. I spend most of my time solving problems and handling crises not enough time on strategic planning, coaching, and development.

_____ D. I am bogged down in routine calls.

_____ E. I am finding it harder to stay on top of things.

_____ F. I spend too much time trying to satisfy others in an attempt to be all things to all people.

_____ G. I find it faster and easier to do it myself.

_____ H. I am continually interrupted with questions and requests for guidance from my staff.

_____ I. I find myself doing or redoing work I pay someone else to do.

Skilled delegators rarely find themselves in these predicaments. If you answered "always" or "frequently" to most of these questions, look for ways you can learn to delegate more effectively. Below is a sample of a delegation worksheet to help in communication with staff.

Delegation Worksheet

By completing each section, you will have a written guide to help you communicate the assignment more effectively.

_____ A. Clarify your goals for the project (changes that need to be made, problems that need solving, issues that must be addressed).

_____ B. Decide who will receive the assignment. Consider the skill you wish to foster in that staff member. Employee Name:________________________________

_____ C. Give clear instructions and make no assumptions. Performance objectives and standards. Explain what support you will give Identify available resources. Keep in Mind: Did you encourage questions? Was the conversation two-way?

_____ D. Set a reasonable deadline for the project. Due date for completion:_________________________

_____ E. Determine the ways you wish to monitor their progress and how often.

By implementing these checklists you may find that your overwhelming multiple site management chores can actually become pleasant and you might start to look forward to them rather than dread them and put them off!

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