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Multiple Resignations

Updated on November 9, 2017

So many resignations

There has been a staff exodus within TransPerfect as evidence that the process of selling the company is causing damage. Robert Pincus cannot run this business, and has failed.

High level staffer Joe Kuefler, president of TransPerfect’s translation technology, OneLink, resigned this week. Kuefler was an 11-year employee of TransPerfect and credited for bringing in more than $100 million from the OneLink technology, according to the group.

After Kuefler resigned, Andrew Stanley, vice president of APAC, Nadim Ali, director of global recruitment and Angus Ulyate, regional director of business Development submitted their resignations. All were 10-plus year employees of TransPerfect.

The recent loss brought to ten, the number senior staff to leave the technology team in the last two weeks and 19 longtime employees resigning in the last four weeks.

A handful of the resignation letters are online here.

The carnage continues in the TransPerfect Global case as Delaware’s Chancellor Andre Bouchard has 20 top executive resignation letters on his conscience. Those letters cited his incompetence, misleading about management's ability to bid, and general intimidation by Custodian Bob Pincus among other offenses. They also cite an obviously-rigged company sales process, tainted by conflicts of interest, in which it seems as if HIG-Lionbridge may be the pre-ordained winner of the company. Lionbridge, if history predicts the future, will send offshore, most all of the U.S.-based jobs. In my humble opinion, this corrupt cronysm that Bouchard and Strine have morphed our judiciary into, must stop, and the General Assembly needs to act now, so more damage is not done.

Think about how illogical and ridiculous the Chancellor actually is? He justifies taking over the company because of morale and fights between the owners, yet causes 20 key executives not only from its technology team, but also from its sales team, to resign. He basically says, "It faces speculative harm (in his Order)." So he can take over and force the company to be sold?! Chancellor Bouchard opens the company up, in a manner of speaking, and allows his friends to fleece it dry, and then proceeds to dismantle the company by selling it to an offshoring competitor. THIS IS INSANE, AND NOT WHAT THE LEGISLATURE INTENDED. Bouchard's personal hatred for Shawe, and personal affinity for his lifelong-pal Kevin Shannon (Elting's attorney), has apparently caused him to neglect his duty and ethics within the power the legislature gave him, which is to PROTECT the company, not ruin it.

Meanwhile, more executives at TransPerfect are fleeing at a rapid rate, and the company is falling apart. What does Nero do while Rome burns? In this case, Emperor Bouchard doesn't fiddle, he approves an unsubstantiated $1.4 million dollar bill for Pincus/Skadden for just one month. Only in Delaware!!

© 2017 Charlie Taylor


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