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Mumbai Could Be Your Dream Destination

Updated on May 28, 2014



The city will get you going

Mumbai, widely known as the financial capital of India looks rich and glamorous. The city, located in the state of Maharashtra has everything from flashy night life to places for quite meals. The city gives you a hundred reasons to smile and a million things to do while you are in the city. Mumbai has a lot more than the Gateway of India and Marine Drive. It stays on its toes to treat you well with every urge of yours. So, why not plan a short trip to the city and make yourself a part of the fast and flashy life in Mumbai.

The city has everything, from a moderately paying job to the biggest business ideas, from hundreds of fashion events to reputed education institutes. Owing to many such reasons, it attracts people from all directions and lives up to all of their expectations.

The city has it all

What does Mumbai hold for you?

If you are one of those people, who love to explore life, leisure and the world out there, Mumbai has it all. From sightseeing to the pubs, from cheapest dining outlets to the funky shopping streets, the city lets you explore everything. Besides, the city has many highlights that let people stick to it for long. From students to those belonging to the service class, everyone has different reasons to stay here. Some like the weather, and some are influenced with the kind of career choices offered by the city while some wish to get into the entertainment industry.

The Entertainment World Is All Here

Many teens wish to get into the entertainment or fashion industry. Some wish to work with the media houses, while some are captivated enough to be a part of the production house, and for all of these people, Mumbai is the ideal place. You just need the right connections and approach to reach out to your destinations in the city. As Mumbai is a hub of fashion industry, bollywood and media, it comes up with great career choices to get you in these sectors. Thus, it is a favorite hot spot for the job seekers too. The city every year welcome a huge number of migrants from all parts of the nation, a major proportion of which tend to find a job in Mumbai.

Financial nerve of the country

Mumbai globally represents itself as a financial hub, which makes the city live up to the title of financial capital of India. It is also called the commercial capital of the country due to its existence as a center of trading and other financial activities. If we review the finance sector in Mumbai, at present it is home to the major Indian and multinational financial corporations. Some of these include Reserve Bank of India, the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange of India, the SEBI besides some others. Further, if we look at the banking sector, the city looks enriched. It generates good amount of opportunities for those seeking banking jobs in Mumbai. Besides, we look at the overall employment in Mumbai, most of the people are employed with the government organizations. Mumbai also has the biggies like Larsen and Toubro, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), Tata Group, Godrej and Reliance operating here, so the probability for you to chase the most alluring career opportunities is good.

Mumbai, the financial capital

Mumbai at its best
Mumbai at its best | Source

Explore Mumbai's job sector


Look for a job in Mumbai

If you are fascinated with the kind of lifestyle Mumbai can offer, you can definitely plan to move to the city. But before that you will have to find yourself a job, which would be crucial to your stay in the city. So, why not plan it all in advance? So, start your job hunt even before you move, and you can do it online when you have a lot of job portals to your rescue. Another thing that turns out to be the need of the hour is to look for the suitable jobs you can aim for in Mumbai and the sectors that are most prominent in the city. It will help you know whether the city will have plenty of career choices for you or not. And once you are done with the research part, you are all free to explore the various jobs in Mumbai on the job portals like CareerBuilder, Naukri and others.


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