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Must Have Extensions for Healthcare Resumes

Updated on February 8, 2014

There is no perfect resume, but getting as close as possible is what to strive toward.

Resumes are the bread and butter walking you through the door into the next step of getting your job. Having the right one is what everyone fusses about. Even with a sterling work history, great references, education and skills you still have lots of stiff competition out there. In order to set your document in front of the pack, add some extras.

The extras referred to in this article are supplements to your average resume which make you shine. Gaining positive attention from a hiring manager with a little added insert here and there is the difference between getting the job of your dreams and not.

Improving an already wonderful resume takes a bit of work, but everyone is grateful for it. In fact, there are countless applicants who feel there is nothing they are capable of adding to make a noticeable difference. They are wrong. There is no perfect resume. There are good ones and striving for perfection will certainly make you have a better than average chance of getting an interview or job offer in the long run.

A personal touch from patients

Health care professionals working directly with patients will do well to add a personal touch to their resumes. Submitting one without demonstrating some example of being personal is a mistake.

Active healthcare professionals are typically an employee making a difference in lots of patient’s lives. Overall this creates the conditions where personal accolades come your way often.

One of the best and easiest to come by is handwritten letters or notes from patients or their families thanking you personally for the care they received. This is a compliment lots of professions receive and miss out on the fact it is a marvelous form of validating a considerate and compassionate attitude toward caring for patients.

Make this an attachment to the document. If you prefer no attachments, mention notes or letters in the section labeled Honors and Awards. Paraphrase the letter or write the small quote along with the patient name and facility.

For example-“You went out of your way to make my stay at Mercy Medical Center comfortable and I wanted to personally thank you.” Quote from a letter by Fiona Redwood, patient at Mercy Hospital.

Supervisor accolades

Supervisor accolades are generally found at employee review time. Though, there are some excellent sources workers receive throughout the year and need to take advantage of.

Lots of managers or supervisors send out emails or personal notes of thanks for going above and beyond the job duties. Any written communication to this effect is useful.

Coming through in a pinch for your boss and having documentation of the fact is an extra used to enhance a resume. Not only does it exhibit flexibility, but team commitment and dedication to the job are also demonstrated.

If nothing from the boss, but tons from coworkers mention these here as well. Depending on your former position coworkers praises tribute you just as well.

Again to stay away from paper attachments write a quote in the Awards and Honors section of a resume.

For example-“Thanks for all of the overtime you worked during our system update. Without your added extra efforts I don’t know what we would have done. Keep up your great efforts.” Quote from letter by Thad Evans, Nurse Administrator at Mayville Memorial.


Real Resumes for Nursing Jobs is available through Amazon. This is a delightful book which outlines building great resumes for nursing positions in the healthca

Awards and accolades are recognized as enhancements when noted on any resume.

Support your expertise

Expertise or experience goes a long way for lots of hiring managers scanning resumes. The more you show off the better. One way these skills are also noticed by others is adding letters from leaders in your particular industry referencing some portion of your proficiency or know-how. Use the example of quoting important portions and the author just like patient and supervisor letters. Along with this type of correspondence also use certificates of achievement as an enhancement.

Enriching individual capabilities with personal honors and awards helps convey how important you are to your future employer. Tell what a prize catch you are with any awards, including publications in professional journals or papers. The more widely accepted or well known the journal or publication is in your industry the better.

For example-Received the 2010 Carl Reynolds Annual Award for Excellence in Nursing

In conclusion

All of these models improve the chance of a resume getting a second look when matched against others applying for the same position. The next time you assume a thank you is simply great for now, think ahead. Hold on to it and make the most of your efforts writing a remarkable resume and adding these extras.

© 2014 smcopywrite


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