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Mustard Seed Faith

Updated on December 3, 2016

I Can Remake Myself

Mustard Seed Faith says that you have the power invested in you to speak things into existance. Take the time to look at yourself, look at the good and the bad! What do you see? Once you have taken the time to look at it, let's identify what is seen:

  1. Identify what you see, be specific, detail the particulars.
  2. Name what you see, what is the category? Is it good or bad, can you do in the light or do you have to hide in the dark to indulge? (Call it what it is, without shame or guilt)
  3. Review the list the see and itemize the good pleasing people, places and in your life. If you are pleased with what you see - behold it, build upon it, value the goodness. But if its not good, and you are dissatisfied with what you see, take the necessary steps to change, eradicate and get rid of unwanted negativity. It is completely okay to release the people, places and things in your life that do not bring you joy! YOU have the right to start over.
  • Everything has a beginning

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole stair case! M.L.K Jr." Your dream may not have perfect shape and your vision may not have all of the pieces in place and honestly you may not know all of the steps to take and this is okay. Remember everything has a beginning and an ending, a category of good or bad. Things can appear formless, void and even dark but know this one thing:

  • You have to start somewhere!

Mustard Seed Faith says STEP OUT ON FAITH TODAY! The journey of a thousand miles begings with a single step! Begin, by looking at who you are - You are a spiritual being having a human experience and the power of the most high is within you!

  • Who are "you?" YOU are a creator, YOU have the power to speak things into existance, you bring order to chaos, YOU fill empty space, God gave YOU the authority to name things, Seperate things, and produce things. YOU can remake yourself - try it!
  • What do "YOU" want? Name it! What will it take for "YOU" to get what "YOU" want? Who are the people "YOU" need to speak to and or meet with - who will assist "YOU"? What places will "YOU" need to call and or visit in order to get what "YOU" want?

In order to make things happen you have to apply action! Walk by faith and not by sight! Make a list write down your dream, identify the people the places and things needed to make your dreams come true. Find peace in knowing that you are on your way to creating your passionate new you!

From Impossible to I'm Possible!

The individuals you know, the places you go and the things you do, will make the difference for you and the others
The individuals you know, the places you go and the things you do, will make the difference for you and the others


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