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Alliance In Motion Global(AIM Global) Review - Truth Really Hurts!

Updated on September 12, 2014

My Honest Review


You might find this article informative, useful or you may find it the opposite way around. It depend upon the reader's discretion on how they will interpret my review. You may comment negatively or positively. It is all accepted. No harm at all!

What is Aim Global?

Alliance In Motion Global Inc. is a Network Marketing company based on the Philippines and a 100% owned Filipino Company. It was launched last March 18, 2006 and is now 7 years in doing the business. It was accredited by the Nature's Way USA and a Business partner since it was founded.

It is a multi billion company and still growing!

Last year of 2012 it's Gross sales was 1.7 Billion Pesos.

Legalities and Awards

The products were US FDA approved, Kosher accredited, HALAL approved, Good Manufacturing Practices certified, Bureau of Foods And Drugs approved, SEC registered and Direct Selling Association of the Philippines member. Frost and Sullivan Awardee 2004.

The board of directors and Owners

Dr. Ed Cabantog - "The Visionary President". Graduated at Pamantasan ng Manila and a Medical Doctor by profession. Has been practicing his profession for a long years and then shift into multilevel marketing business.

Mr. Raymond "John" Asperin - "Mr. Excitement". Has been into multilevel marketing business since he was graduated as a Physical Therapist.

Engineer Francis Miguel - "Mentor of All Mentors". A former Electronic and communication Engineer in a large telecommunication company in the Philippines. Left his job and became full time in Multilevel Marketing business.

What you will get in your PHP 7,980($188.88)?

After joining the company you will be given a 1 business package and along with it as follows:

  1. 5 blister packs of Cellular 24 /7 Food supplements worth PHP 6K($143)
  2. Free medical check up worth PHP 2000($48)
  3. 1 folder of Company's information that includes the product presentation kit
  4. ATM application form and Company's personal ID.
  5. Unlimited product trainings and personal development trainings.
  6. Webpage-Your own account in AIM Global's computer system that monitors all your and your group's successful sales transactions. 24/7 access on your account.
  7. Personal Accident Insurance:
    1. PHP 200K($4.8K) - Accident Insurance
    2. PHP 200K($4.8K) - Disability Accident Insurance
    3. PHP 50K($1.2K) - Unprovoked Murder and Assault
    4. PHP 10K($238) - Accident Medical Reimbursement
    5. PHP 10K($238) - Burial Assistance
  8. FREE SCHOLARSHIP on selected school nationwide. A 4 years, 2 years or even 5 years.

The Marketing Plan

1. 25% discount lifetime for all the products.

2. Retailer's price - If you are good in selling, then this for you if not? Then still a lot more to choose with.

Example: Cellular 24/ 7 = PHP 1200 ($28.56) for no member

= PHP 900($21.43) for the member

Just imagine you can sell 10 blister pack of Cellular 24/7 product in a month, then you are going to profit of around PHP 3000($71.43). How about the other products? I think it is an awesome business for you.

3. Direct Referral Bonus of PHP 500($11.9)

Every direct referral you are going to make, you are entitled to have a PHP 500($11.9) under your account.

4. Matching Bonus PHP 1500($35.71)

Every time you are going to have a match from your left sell group and your right sell group, you are entitled to a PHP 1500($35.71). It will not matter if it is aligned or not and still you are entitled for the said bonus.

5. Uni-level Sales Commission

A member can earn 10% sales commission of his/her 1st level.

Any member can earn 5% commission on all sells under him / her from 2nd up to the 10th level commission.

6. Stair Steps Commission

A member can earn from 10% sales up to 30% sales commission under him/her on all sales from left group or right group.


This system has no quota in order to achieve this kind of commission. It has no demotion meaning wither you are consistent in making sales or not still you will enjoy the benefit. No passed up, meaning everybody will achieve the position from distributor until GA or Global Ambassador.

7. Royal Income

This earning is applicable only if you already reach the Global Ambassador position. If you reach this level, Global Ambassador then you are entitled of 2% commission all Global Ambassador under you up to the 5th level.

So far I already show you the complete review, details of the company's earnings and benefits. I will not review a certain company or product unless I did not experience it. What inspired me of making this review is that more than 700 millionaires already benefited this company. My advice, try this before it too late. It may not be saturate but think of the time that will passes by before you are going to decide to join. Again, it's up to you. Your future is in your hand, don't blame others for your uncertainties.


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    • profile image

      Remi 17 months ago

      Products are just front, truth is they earn more through recruiting new members.

    • profile image

      relax123 2 years ago

      y beginers cant have the succes like the brand ambassader without leting others joind and y beginners cant have the full output of his single

      investment in your company???? what is the legal registration of your company in the phil govt ????? and where is its certificate from the govt??

      Amway is no 1 in MLM

    • profile image

      relax123 2 years ago

      Froud company

    • profile image

      Watchdog 2 years ago

      Many people complain about the product being overpriced. Well, let's look at this.

      You say it's expensive but what about those Rolex or TechnoMarine watches? TM watch costs around P25k! Is it overpriced? Heck yeah! But still people buy it. I can get an imitation for P250 and what does it do: it tells time! So tell me, why do still some people buy expensive things when they can buy a cheap one which pretty much does the same thing?

      Expensive products...ok. What about those clothes that you buy in the malls. What a sh*t load of expensiveness. Imagine a maong pants like Levi's and a tiangge maong pants. Which will most people with money buy? Of course the Levi's. Question: How is it different from a maong in the tiangge aside from it covers the lower part of our body? None. I don't want to get started with Lacoste shirts. But can you eat it? No. Can it make you healthy? No. Will it impress your friends? Heck they will treat you like a king if you wear both of those at the same time!

      Expensive? Tell me something about iPhone that people flock nowadays. How will it benefit their health? Imagine, a 60k phone with pretty much has the same capability of a local android phone that costs not more than 3k. Still, people buy it regardless of its use. It's still a phone.

      Do you think products like these are expensive? Tell that to the tech companies who are maximizing the consumerism attitude of yours in order for them to gain profits. Buy this! It has a new feature! iPhone 6sss. Buy that! 50% off! Buy all! Let us take your hard-earned money with superficial stuff and has a very fast value reduction the moment you get a hold of it.

    • profile image

      Jp 2 years ago

      MJ's comment eas the best i ever read for all thos comments. She is true if you want to earn money do it in a good way. I know this is not illegal but selling those products is overpriced. Well good luck guys!

    • profile image

      Kadayawan 2015 2 years ago

      This is an Ad. Definitely an Ad.

    • profile image

      Master 2 years ago

      Ang opinyon ko. Hindi ka aasenso kung hindi ka mag bisnes. To put up your own business requires large amount of money. Magkano kailangan mo na pera para mag tinda ng fishball? Magkano ang cart na pag lalagyan mo ng paninda? At pag may gamit ka na, kikita ka ba ng nasa bahay lang ang paninda mo? The point is you will not succeed in this kind of business if you will just pray that a money will come down from heaven without moving your feet and hands.

      Kahit anong business kailangan mo mag invest na pera at kung magkanong pera ang linagay mo will determine how big will be the returns. All business owners knows this simple business terms.

      Ang binibili mo sa bangketa at big store, mag kano ang mark up nila sa tingin mo? 80 to 100 percent ang mark up nila sa price na mga nabibili mo kahit saan. That's the way business is, you put high markup sa base price to make money. Now kung hindi mo ito matagangap...maging forever slave emloyee ka na lang.

    • profile image

      mike 2 years ago

      Thank's guys for the comments it opens my mind widely about this aim global!so this is my message to aim global and all it's members! If you want to earn money!, earn it the right way......I know some friends urging me to join to take their money back as the disperation comes they got no choice but to recruit their families as a result they are a family of fools! the truth about networking business is lucky for those few on the top and sorry for millions below!!!If you want to earn this is not the right way!!!it's better to buy and sell products or put up a restaurant or any business that will not take advantage of others.

    • profile image

      khelly 2 years ago

    • profile image

      Les 2 years ago

      Anything based on a pyramid model is a scam, beware. Pyramid schemes rely on members recruiting more members.

    • profile image

      Jeny 2 years ago

      My mom's legs was almost amputated last last year due to diabetes . C24/7 saved her legs.

      I have a benign cyst for almost 20 years on my right armpit and the size is about half of a golf ball. I took 3 capsules of C24/7 a day for one week. It was disolved.

      Now my whole family is a member of AIM Global.

    • profile image

      Objective 2 years ago

      People who join MLM, whether they are AIM, Royale, SWA, USANA, etc. have totally given up their senses. They made a fool of themselves. They know deep in their hearts that they unwittingly joined fools company, and that they need to recruit worse fools than they are.

      Pity this people who still advertise around the world that everybody can be rich by joining this world of fools and scams.

      Sadly, to you guys who just parlayed your hard earned money and desperately wanted to take back, you better just earn it back the right way. Don't let your mother, father, grandmother, and even sister pay you back your sunken foolishness, otherwise you will also see your loved ones sink into that place of bitter fools.

    • profile image

      Erwin 2 years ago

      Hi MJ. I respect your predicament. Just wondering, you had your 3 accounts and you have your complaints right after joining. Just to correct you with your #1 statement for it is very unfair for other readers. There is no quota in AIM Global. Its up to you either you share the product, or don't. No one will force you too. And also your #7, product of AIM are exclusively made by Natures Way for AIM global company only. Making a statement without solid proof is a lie.

    • profile image

      Ife 2 years ago

      AIM is the only MLM company that is very viable and realistic. The product that they market is one of the best natura-ceutical in the world. My father is a type 2 insulin dependent diabetic patient. I gave him a pack of C24/7 aand he took for about 4 weeks, he called and told me that when he went for his last medical check up, his doctor had to tell him to reduce is insulin injection from 20cc to 10cc. his blood sugar has reduced drastically. I am a member of AIM and I believe in the product and the networking opportunities. if you need a more comprehensive details about AIM and its products please feel free to email me at

    • profile image

      Looking for answers 2 years ago

      Of all the comment in here, only MJ's comment is worth paying attention.

      "600Millionaires Because 6Million people gave away their money" the best comment I've ever read today....

      WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

      Why not invest in stock market, dun walang membership fee and no need to sell products because those big companies are doing it for you.

    • profile image

      Paul john 2 years ago

      how could i work out with networking business ?

    • profile image

      katrina Aiwa 2 years ago

      Interesting. How do I join.?

    • profile image

      Cherry 3 years ago

      ano po mangyayari kapag umiinom ng c24/7 ang buntis?

    • profile image

      genne 3 years ago

      Hi am genne,

      Can c247 be given to a 86yrs man with heart disease, diabetic n with hynea,

    • profile image

      mj 3 years ago

      Hello, I am an INACTIVE member of AIM. I had 3 accounts. I still have those accounts but not earning coz i stopped months after i joined in 2013. They never stopped bugging me for a year so i was forced to join. I studied how the earning was done and this is what i found out based on my own experience:

      1) In each account, i need to maintain and buy 2 AIM products (worth around P1900) every month to be able to earn. If i don't maintain i don't earn.

      2) Other option is, i recruit more ppl so i could earn big. No recruit means no huge income.

      3) All other earnings are based on active recruits so if you are lazy and you have no working downlines, all other earning options are useless.

      4) The 100% scholarship grant for short term IT course at the time was never used coz I need to pay misc and other fees.

      5) The insurance they told us is not for all vehicle. My friend who is also a member did not get an insurance claim from Aim coz his accident was with a motorcycle, not with a car. He left Aim.

      6) Selling expensive Aim products is only ideal for ambitious ppl coz most sickly people cannot afford to buy unless they borrow P8000 & join Aim as member.

      7) I found out that the main product, Alive now rebranded as c24/7 was 70% cheaper in the US. After i stopped Aim, I searched for a direct distributor of Alive here in PH and it was just P500/box compared to P1200/box C24/7 from Aim or P900 as a member.

      Then I thought, no wonder there are many millionaires in Aim coz prices of products are so much overpriced. I realize that more ppl earn big at AIM coz the price of their products are 70% higher than original price. That is not the kind of business i want -- Taking advantage of other people and their borrowed money to join me just so i would become a millionaire like they want us to believe? That is not my principle in life. So I quit Aim. Until now, my upline keeps urging me to come back and he wants to buy my 3 accounts but i told him that my dormant accounts will be my contribution for Aim's funeral. This business is not for me coz i care about ppl not how much i could earn from them or that i would become a millionaire because of them. If they made 600 millionaires at the top, that's because 6 million ppl at the bottom gave away their money.

    • profile image

      Arvir 3 years ago

      Ang Transperable scholarship po sa tie up schools ay mostly in computer courses wala po medical course. Yung C24/7 po ay dapat intake before meal para ma absorb agad ng katawan ang benefits ng supplement, di po ito advisable sa mga pregnant women at nagbreastfeeding. If pregnant naman or breastfeeding na mommies mag take ng Complete same din ng C24/7 but don't have anti-aging formula.Pag nag-pamember dapat try muna nila sa kanila para makita yung result para kusa na sila kukuha ng products sau,wag mo ibenta yung products gamitin mo muna. Kapag bago pa lang nag the take ng C24/7 or Complete normal lang na may nararamdaman kakaiba kasi inaalis yung toxins sa katawan sa pamamagitan ng pagdumi. Effective naman sa family ko yung products lalo na sa Mrs ko na may mayoma. Thanks po I hope nakatulong kahit paano. Any interested kindly send lang po kayo sa email address ko or text me 09213345353 and promised help kita sa business na ito. Thanks po

    • profile image

      Leslie 3 years ago

      Member na po ako sa Aim ask ko lng po about sa C24/7 products,may buyer kmi ng downline ko ung tinitake nyang C24/7 bkit sumasakit ang ktawan niya mg-dadalwang boxes na ung dhil sabi ng sponsor ko binabalance daw ktawan nito sabi nya na ituloy lng daw ang pag-inom ,so tinuloy nya,ngaun mlapit na maubos ung isa nman ganun pa rin lumalala daw lalo at lumabo lalo paningin nya,bkit po ganun?

    • profile image

      wendy 3 years ago

      what if you invest the capital then walang bumibili sa products?

    • profile image

      james 3 years ago

      Yes I agree

    • profile image

      Alfred 3 years ago

      I think this is not a review. This is a form of advertisement for the company

    • profile image

      gel 3 years ago

      im a member of aim global, 2 weeks palang po ako pero may result na po saken, as long as may naka set ka na goal hindi imposibleng makuha mo un... im also a user of the product, at sobrang hepful po cya saken, sobrang effective po tlga lalo n ung c24/7, pinpatake ko din cya sa husband and mother ko, ok nmn ang feedback nila.

    • profile image

      foreigner from U.S. 3 years ago

      based upon commissions paid the products sold are grossly over priced in my opinion

    • loamejan profile image

      Fel Amejan 4 years ago from Philippines

      @ margie villasenor ..

      maam madali lang po yan.. ask helpsaupline mo para ma recoveryung username at pw mo.. it take 2 to 3 days lang. may 50 pesos charge po..power.

      Note :

      Dati wala po yang charge.. kaso.. halos araw araw may nagpapa retrieve ng account. para careful napo tayo. may charge na.. kasi yung business natin ay BIG Time.. i treat natin na big time po...Power!.. I hope nakatulong po ako..

      for more info..Visit po kayo Here:

    • profile image

      Remar Pablo 4 years ago

      sa mga tie-up schools nationwide lang po ang scholarship grants. pls refer to the list na mkikita nyo sa website ng aim global.

    • profile image

      JOANNE H. AJOS 4 years ago

      pwede rin ba ang scholarship for medical schools?

    • profile image

      Christy 4 years ago

      I was introduced to AIM, not a member yet but bought 2 boxes of C24/7 one the products. I bought it for my Dad who was hospitalized last month due to cardiovascular problem. I asked him the other day the effectivity of the product, "ok siya magayon sa hawak" meaning maganda effect niya. I told him I'll send him another box as the way my father is a doctor. I'm still waiting for its effect sa bells palsy ko but so far I can see slight change in my face.

    • profile image

      jackie 4 years ago

      So this is just purely focused on how to earn but no one did ever mention the effectivity of the products for me in order to become a dealer or whatever u call it I make sure that the product that I sell is really good one.

    • Alexa Perez-Bravo profile image

      Alexa Perez-Bravo 4 years ago

      Not sure how long ago did you post this blog, but just a question, this product is FDA Approved in USA, but is it FDA Approved in Canada? Member din kase ang Ate ko who is based in the Philippines, and she wants to introduced this to me, and I would like to try the product before recommending it. I did see that some people already started it, and just want to make sure na FDA approved sya dito, because if not my package that will come from my sister will get on hold and I will never receive it. Thanks hope to get a response.

    • profile image

      nehj 4 years ago

      Happy networking guyz:)

    • profile image

      margie villasenor 4 years ago

      member po aq from brunei last 2009…nlipat po aq s uae ng work on d following year..unfortunately wla p po aim s uae dat tym..ngaun po and2 n aq s hongkong..gusto q po ulit ipagpa2loy ang aim...problema po nkalkmutan q n jng username and psword q kya d pk aq n dn po aq blita s upline q..anu po pd q gwin..around 30 n po ung downline q dati..ty...

    • loamejan profile image

      Fel Amejan 5 years ago from Philippines

      @Jacob..Yes sir... medyo may kalakihan nga ung pagpadala papuntang UK..Same din sa Austrilia Clients namin.. But They risk for it kasi alam nila in the future mag oopen na rain tayo jan.. What's important is to position yourself before the coming opening of the BCO (Business Center Office) .Kung naka position kana... meaning ur ahead na...It is about planning our future ahead not the current situation.

      The same din and nangyari sa Canada Sir.. Marimi na po tayong mga Business partner doon before nag open ng BCO sa Alberta Canada. Currently yong mga nag Invest ahead are enjoying na sa risk na sinimulan nila...

      I hope nakatulong ako..More power and God Bless..

    • profile image

      Jacob 5 years ago

      May business center n b dito s uk? Balak ko mag join kaya Lang parang mahal ang pag order from phials to uk Malaki kasi ang delivery charge? At saka mata gal dumating.

    • loamejan profile image

      Fel Amejan 5 years ago from Philippines


      walang requirements o kahit na anong quota para ma avail yung insurance..kasama na yon sa package mong bibilhin..aslong as na register kana.. insured kana!

    • profile image

      je 5 years ago

      may requirements ba para ma avail ang insurance? like dapt may quota sa sales? ung mga ganun o wala basta maging member ka.

    • loamejan profile image

      Fel Amejan 5 years ago from Philippines

      @aiz..Yung insurance namin covered for 1 year at the time na nag join kayo. But it is renewable every year for 500 pesos and it will be automatically deducted sa kita mo.

    • profile image

      aiz 5 years ago

      Hanggang kelan ang covered ng insurance nyo from the time na nagjoin sa aim

    • loamejan profile image

      Fel Amejan 5 years ago from Philippines

      @ may refer at above contacts for any inquiries ...or email me at


    • profile image

      sandy 5 years ago

      how can i join?naka base aku ngayon sa iligan city mindanao.

    • profile image

      arjan 5 years ago

      tanong ko lang sa mga member international. im from melbourne and wala pang business center dito. madami ng gusto mag join since simula pa lang yan dito and maganda nga yung product and marketing plan. tanong ko lang kung ano yung easiest way ng shipment nung product/package kapag lumaki na yung demand dito? sa ngayon, normal packaging lang yung ginagawa namin kaya nasamin yung gastos and it takes time bago dumating dito yung product? pero pag lumaki yung demand, madami na ding kaylangan iconsider and legalities pagdating sa shipment at kung ano ano pa lalo na't food supplement yung product. so ano yung dapat naming gawin para magkaron ng business center dito if that's that only way?

    • loamejan profile image

      Fel Amejan 5 years ago from Philippines

      @garfield..Thanks for the comment.

      Here's what holding most of the people in making the first step in order for them to achieve their goals...

      ....DOUBT AND FEAR....

      *It is normal for us, people to have these fear and doubt inside us but holding it for a long period of time may cause severe damage and frustration. Why? Holding to it may sometimes kill our zeal to pursue our goals. Sometimes it will fade forever...So, while you have the energy and power to achieve your goals, make immediate action grating you already made researches and personal investigations about the company that you are about to ride as your vehicle to your success. Honestly, doubt and fear wont help in achieving your goals.

      ....YOUR DECISION ....

      *Now it is your decision that will change your future forever. Yes, Your decision!..Now whatever results you will have in the future is the decision you made today.

      "If you always do what you did you will always get what you got".

      Thanks and More Power!..

      Salam Alaikum!..

    • profile image

      garfield 5 years ago

      Its very interesting...enshala

    • loamejan profile image

      Fel Amejan 5 years ago from Philippines

      Salamat po sa mga nag comment both positively and negatively. But please comment in a professional way kahit negative pa yan. For clarifications.. you may elail me at

      @bhly..yung capital po namin ay 7080 at di napo makukuha pag di nyu po nagustuhan yong bzness. Kaya mas maigi na pag aralan muna yung company namin at magtanong ng magtanong until masatisfied po kayo.


      Huwag po kayong sumali pag hindi buo yung loob nyo sa network marketing Business. Kasi kayo po ang mayhawak sa kinabukasan nyo..

      I hope nasagot ko ng maayos ang mag comment nyo...

      Thanks and To God Be The Glory!.

    • profile image

      bhljy 5 years ago

      pls.respond...panu pag nagdown ako ng 600 para sa capital tapos nag quit ako..mababawi ko pa ba ng buo ung 600 pesos ko...????

    • profile image

      Lenny E. 5 years ago

      Marc 7 when you decide to join, its not because of promises, all businesses take a lot of work. Sure, some people make it in 3 months, some a year, some after 4 years, the thing is, your upline will have little to do with your success. You have to learn the business and immerse yourself until you make it. You can only succeed in AIM because it was designed to never fail. When people take a longer time to make it, its because they dillydally, that's all. BTW, I am a Gold Executive, doing this part time for the last 3 years. not yet quite a big earner but earning nonetheless.

    • profile image

      Marc 5 years ago

      how about the future of those who were just promised

    • profile image

      ex.animo 5 years ago

      May Capital .. For just 7980 , Secure na Future mo :D

    • profile image

      FOX 5 years ago

      my capital ba?

    • profile image

      pollux 6 years ago

      Network marketing is the best business now a days because of its huge income. But it need more time to build relationship with your down line in order them to duplicate you.