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My Anxiety Of Public Speaking

Updated on February 5, 2010

If you are anything like millions of other Americans, then you probably suffer from a public speaking phobia. I know that I did. I suffered from a fear of public speaking for an extremely long time, and like you, I wanted to get rid of it. But I didn't know what to do. And I tried everything. If there was a book, tape, or anything else on how to remove your anxiety of public speaking, then I bought it, rented it, or borrowed it from a friend. Naturally, I came across a lot of different tips, techniques, etc. in my quest to permanently get rid of my public speaking phobia. Some of the advice which I read seemed to work better than other advice, while some of the advice that I read was honestly just complete junk. Beware of any "cure" that has you send in more money to the author or "guru." These sorts of programs are virtually always complete junk. So what isn't junk?

Well, after looking long and hard at the options out there, I decided to try my luck with using hypnosis to cure my anxiety of public speaking. I had read a lot of information on hypnosis and its benefits, from curing the fear of flying, to curing smoking addiction, to losing weight with hypnosis. Now, I know that there is no cure-all remedy for anything, and hypnosis was not a magic bullet. But I wasn't looking for one. I was looking for something that would allow be to be able to cure my public speaking phobia, once and for all. I figured that I would have nothing to lose by trying, and so I went and saw a hypnotherapist. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first, but i had read enough information to reassure me that hypnosis was a safe and reliable way to cure phobias, including the fear of public speaking.

So did it work? Yes, it did. While hypnotherapy is not a magic bullet, it is pretty efficient at helping you to get rid of your phobias. My main recommendation when it comes to using hypnotherapy is that you find a good hypnotherapist, because a bad one will not do one bit of good for you, and will probably leave you worse off than when you started. I will cover how to choose the correct hypnotherapist on a different page, but the main idea is that you find out the general reputation that he has in the community.

While my anxiety of public speaking is not totally gone, it has gone from being overwhelming, to being far far more manageable. I can now get up in front of a crowd and talk without having to worry about passing out or anything like that. I would recommend that you look into hiring a hypnotherapist if you suffer from public speaking anxiety.


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