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My Days at Work

Updated on February 11, 2012

Recollections from great times at work

Working at the tax office was fun and interesting. We had some strange and funny customers that came in to do their taxes. We had customers that kept hitting on a few of the ladies that worked there. We had customers that were so happy with their tax refund that they referred many of their friends to us. If you haven't read the Funny Customers saga from parts I-V, then please do so if you get a chance to.

Overall, it was a great experience for me. I finally understand how to do almost all kinds of taxes! I finally know where to put all of the numbers into the program, and I know how to tweak the system to help the customer get a little more money back from the government.

When the owner of the tax office told me on Thursday that Friday was my last day (no two weeks notice), I was still sad. I didn't want to stop working at the office because I was enjoying it so much. I was wondering what I was going to do with all of that extra free time. Then I realized that I have students I have to tutor. So at least I will be getting some extra money to help with bills. My husband was not worried. He said that we will still be able to pay the bills. I hope so. I really do not like being financially stuck. On top of that, I hate asking people for money. I don't want to be known as a pauper, but at the same time I do not want to be known as a parasite. Both are equally undesirable things.

Anyhow, this was the first year that the owners had this franchise. It was good to know what we did correctly and what we did wrong as a first year franchise. Next year, the owner wants to open another branch near my apartment. He wants to keep his wife, one of the ladies who is currently working at the tax office, and me in this new office. I am excited that he wants to continue having me work for him next year. I think it will be another great experience for me. I look forward to new beginnings and new experiences. Here's to the next year (and hopefully, many more)!

Thank you to all of my readers who have read the Funny Customers saga. I hope you have enjoyed reading those stories and continue to want to read more of my writing. I have to stop now, as I'm tearing up. As always with my writing, comments, thoughts and ideas are greatly welcomed!


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    • rlaha profile image

      rlaha 6 years ago from Spartanburg, SC

      Thank you votes Shamela, and thank you so much for stopping by!

    • shamela profile image

      Shamela 6 years ago

      I enjoy reading your hub.

      I voted interesting.