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My Experiments with SEO, Backlinkings and Such Things on Hubpages

Updated on March 18, 2012

I am a newbie in the complex world of SEO and backlinkings and such other site promotional ways. I have learnt many things recently about how to write and promote a page to bring viewers. But I am not sure how effective all these tips and tricks are or how effectively I have learnt it. So, I have decided to experiment with an article published in hubpages. Let us check what I can do to bring how much traffic in it. My main target is to bring Google traffic in it. Here is my step by step process.

Keyword Research:

To bring traffic from Google I need to have an article with one or more popular keywords. That is why I checked some keywords with free Adwords Keyword tool. As I am fond of digital technology and gadgets so I searched from such topics. I have found a keyword of choice “ipad stylus”. This keyword gets a monthly global search volume of 27,100, pretty good! Now, for the competition, it gets 25,300,000 search results in Google. The page 1 of search result brings some high page rank sites but it also includes online stores like ebay and amazon. I think there is a place for a good article about iPad stylus reviews or making an iPad stylus for free.

Creating the hub

Selecting the Title of the Article

So, I have decided to write my experimental article about making a free iPad stylus. So, I have thought that “iPad Stylus: Make an iPad Stylus for Free”. I have used the keyword into my title. But I also need have to use some related long tail keywords. I also have tried to make the article quite attractive by including the “Free” term.

Writing the Article

Now, I need have to write a good article about it and that should be keyword reach. But over use of the same keyword can make me a spammer and that point should have to be considered. The keyword must appear at the beginning and ending paragraphs of my article. The variations of the same keywords must also be needed. To create my hubpages SEO optimize article or hub I have decided to use a 5% keyword density. That means 5 times use of the same keywords in per 100 words.

Now I am going to compose my experimental master piece. After that I shall return to this article again.

My finished Article

Hello, I am back. For the article which I have just made for the hubpages, the target keyword was “iPad stylus” and its variations. I have used the main keyword ten times. The article length is of 513 words. That means the keyword density is close to 2%. It is a bit low. I have drawn three pictures for the article. After that I have published it as a hub in hubpages.

My Hub Promotion: Social Bookmarking

Now I have promoted my hub in some social bookmarking sites. In it is easy to publish but hard to get any visitor. Despite of that I have posted it there. Before submitting my hub I spent some time in digg, dug other’s stories and also submitted two web pages from internet which are not mine. If somebody knows the secret of success in please let me know. Now I also posted my hub on in the same way. After that I have posted it at and I have posted my link in too.


My Hub Promotion Experiment: Back linking

Now backlinking is the trickiest part of my experiment. I need other related articles to post for good backlinks. So, I have decided to write a short promotional article of lower quality and size which would not take much time. Oh what an enormous job to be done. I have written two related articles and submitted on Blogger, Triond and Oh it was such a boring job; jotting down all theses trash articles! Anyway, I have experimented with a mini link wheel. That is, all three submitted articles gives one back link each to my hub page and also they are linked with each others.

I shall update my post to show you the result of my experiment. Just wait and see.

Till now the page only got 21 views: only 3 of which from search engines, let us wait and see. Follow this hub to be updated about the results of my SEO experiments


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    • dieter dust profile image

      dieter dust 5 years ago

      Thanks for posting, very interesting for a newbie.. any updates on traffic figures?

    • Amazinghomes4u profile image

      Amazinghomes4u 5 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia